Weekend car insurance

Fast, flexible cover to take you through the weekend. Let the good times roll with two or three days of car insurance, all sorted in minutes.

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TGIF! Escape the rat race with weekend car insurance

Here’s how weekend car insurance works:

Step one
Talk your best mate into lending you their car. Reassure them that their no claims bonus is safe because you’re getting your own car insurance for the weekend 🙏.
Step two
Download the Cuvva app and enter the car’s registration plate. It only takes a few minutes to sort everything and cover starts instantly. It’s the ultimate in spontaneous weekend-ing.
Step three
Hit the road and let the weekend antics begin. If Monday looms way too quickly (usually does), easily extend your policy on the Cuvva app so the good times can continue.
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How much does a weekend’s insurance cost?

It varies by driver and car, but to give you an idea: the average 20-24 year old driving a Citroen C1 pays £36.10 for 3 days of car insurance with Cuvva (Based on Cuvva’s average price as of August 2022).

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Here's what you'll get

Fully comprehensive cover, to get you through the weekend, including:

• Damage to your vehicle up to £40K

• Damage to third party property up to £2m

• Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident

• Attempted theft, theft and fire damage

• Third party cover in Europe for 60 days & more


Own the weekend

There’ll be no wasted weekends here. Seize the (Friday to Sun)day with these cool plans:

Take that road trip ⛰️
All talk, no action when it comes to Big Road Trip Plans? Time to walk that walk (or, you know, drive that drive). Don’t forget to curate an epic playlist to see you through.
Reconnect with old friends 💛
No excuses! With a set of wheels and instant insurance cover from your phone, the time is now to visit those long-distance pals. You won’t regret it!
Go on a UK staycation 🇬🇧
Staycation. Vacation. Weekender. Whatever. Doesn’t really matter what you call it – a glorious weekend away is calling, and it’s got your name on it.

For your information

Is Cuvva's temporary insurance fully comprehensive?
All our car insurance is fully comprehensive. Whether you’re taking it out for an hour, a weekend, or longer, you’re covered for:
Damage to your vehicle up to £40K
Damage to third party property up to £2m
Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident
Attempted theft, theft and fire damage
Third party cover in Europe for 60 days & more

Want to extend your weekend car insurance?

Cheeky weekend away veered into just-one-more-day territory? No problem. Extend your weekend insurance in minutes from the Cuvva app. Add as much time as you like onto your policy – no hidden fees, no fuss. You’re just a few clicks away from saying ‘see ya, Monday👋’.

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Can I insure a friend’s car for the weekend?

Yep. With Cuvva, it only takes a few minutes and you can sort it all from your phone. Just download our app, enter the car’s reg, and choose how long you want the cover to last. Oh, and don’t forget to tell your mate thanks for the lend.

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Weekend staycation ideas

Feeling that got-to-get-away itch? One of these staycation ideas might hit the spot:

Visit the Lake District ⛰️
Clue’s in the name. Think: big lakes, lots of them. All set against a stunning backdrop of moody mountains and unspoilt nature for miles. Exceptionally pretty villages are the cherry on top.
Head to Edinburgh 🏰
Mediaeval architecture, world-class restaurants, endless culture. Oh, and an extinct volcano thrown in the mix for good measure. What more could you want, really?
Get your glamp on 🏕️
Nature’s had a makeover. Head to one of the UK’s stylish glamping sites to experience the great (read: glamorous) outdoors. And… relax! 🧘

The expert's view

Adam Kent, Cuvva's Senior Underwriting Lead and Insurance Expert, said: ‘Weekend car insurance can be great for a UK getaway or road trip - but getting into an accident can be particularly stressful when you’re away from home. If the worst happens, take photos of the damage to your car or to any other cars, record the names and contact details of anyone involved (plus any witnesses) and take note of exactly where you are. If police are called, get the names and numbers of any officers at the scene, as well as the incident reference number. Call your insurer as soon as it’s safe to do so - they will be able to support you and move the vehicle to a safe place.’

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