Temporary car insurance

From 1 hour to 28 days

Short-term car insurance for hours, days or weeks

10 million+ policies sold
2 million+ cars insured
4 million+ app downloads

What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance is an easy way to share a long drive, or borrow someone's car, without needing to be added to the owner’s policy.

It’s [fully comprehensive cover](https://www.cuvva.com/how-insurance-works/comprehensive-insurance) for when you need your own insurance policy fast. You can get temp cover for as little as 1 hour, and sign up in less than 5 minutes. It’s a good short-term alternative to being added as a named driver. Whether it's car insurance for an [hour](https://www.cuvva.com/car-insurance/temporary/1-hour), a [day](https://www.cuvva.com/car-insurance/temporary/1-day) or longer, you'll only pay for what you need.

There’s no waiting around for days for the [policy documents](https://support.cuvva.com/en/articles/89962-where-can-i-view-my-policy-documents-and-my-receipt) to arrive in your post, it’s all sorted on your phone instantly.

Plus, if the worst happens and there is an incident, the vehicle owner’s no claims bonus will be protected.

How long does temporary car insurance last?

In the app, choose the duration that suits you. You'll get seamless, straightforward temporary car insurance cover built around your needs - and if it turns out you need more time, you can just extend it in the app.

Hourly insurance
Hourly insurance
Hourly car insurance is perfect for the morning milk run, moving a car, sharing a long drive, [test driving a car](https://www.cuvva.com/how-insurance-works/temporary-insurance-test-drive-car) or [driving one home](https://www.cuvva.com/car-insurance/temporary/drive-away) from the dealership.
Daily insurance
Daily insurance
Daily car insurance is great for when you’re [moving house](https://www.cuvva.com/how-insurance-works/using-temporary-car-van-insurance-to-move-home), need full coverage without a current annual policy, or for those all-important trips to IKEA.
Weekly insurance
Weekly insurance
Weekly car insurance could suit when you’re borrowing a car or van regularly. Perfect for using your parents’ when visiting home, [sharing a car](https://support.cuvva.com/en/articles/5814528-car-sharing-insurance) on campus or even driving the [North Coast 500](https://www.northcoast500.com/).

Short-term, flexible car insurance from Cuvva

Buy a policy in minutes
Extend instantly if you need more time
Policies from 1 hour to 28 days, all sorted via the app
Policy docs sent to your phone
No deposits, interest, tie-ins or credit checks
Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Fully comprehensive cover
Highest category of insurance available
Car owner's no claims bonus is protected
Cover for damage to the vehicle, damage to other people’s vehicles, personal injury plus more
[Breakdown cover](https://support.cuvva.com/en/articles/8167008-breakdown-cover)
Insurance for all
Insurance for all
[Learner driver insurance](https://www.cuvva.com/car-insurance/learner-driver) to nail those manoeuvres
[Temporary van cover](https://www.cuvva.com/car-insurance/temporary-van-insurance) to lighten the load
[Test drive insurance](https://www.cuvva.com/car-insurance/temporary/test-drive) before you buy
[Drive away insurance](https://www.cuvva.com/car-insurance/temporary/drive-away) for new cars
[Borrow a car](https://www.cuvva.com/car-sharing/borrow-a-car) or [lend out your own](https://www.cuvva.com/car-sharing/lend-a-car)

How much is temporary car insurance?

The price of temporary insurance depends on a lot of different factors to work out your price, like your age, job title, the car you drive, and where you live. So your price will be unique to you.

But we know it can be helpful to get a ballpark figure. So here are what you could expect to pay for various short-term car insurance durations.

| Hourly car insurance | Daily car insurance | Weekly car insurance | |---------------------- |-------------------- |---------------------- | | 1 hour from £11.07 | 1 day from £15.44 | 1 week from £33.70 | | 2 hours from £11.62 | 2 days from £19.15 | 2 weeks from £46.92 | | 3 hours from £11.63 | 3 days from £22.09 | 3 weeks from £55.42 | | 6 hours from £12.66 | 4 days from £24.60 | 28 days from £62.03 |

What's included in our temporary car insurance

You get the highest level of cover on temporary car insurance - fully comprehensive, just like you would with an annual policy. Here's our eligibility criteria.

What you’re protected against
Damage to your vehicle up to £40k
Damage to third party property up to £2m
Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident
Attempted theft
Fire damage
[Carriage of own goods](https://support.cuvva.com/en/articles/89933-can-i-use-cuvva-cover-for-my-business) business use - for vans as well as cars
Up to £400 for after-fit audio equipment and £100 for your things
Driving after 10pm
Driver eligibility
For full licence holders, you’ll need to be aged 19-70 to use Cuvva. If you’re under 21, you’ll need to have held your licence for at least 1 year
If you’re a provisional licence holder you’ll need to be aged 17 - 40 and not have held your licence for over 5 years
A GB licence holder (that means issued in England, Scotland or Wales)
There’s not a fixed number of accidents, [claims](https://www.cuvva.com/how-insurance-works/car-insurance-claims-explained) or [licence points](https://support.cuvva.com/en/articles/2614434-how-licence-points-affect-your-car-insurance) that would stop you from insuring with us
Your car or van must
Be under 20 years old
Cars need to be worth less than £60,000
Vans/commercial vehicles must be worth less than £40,000
Meet our modification rules. We accept lots, including any to aid a disability, but there are some we can't insure
Meet our insurance group requirements
Not be scrapped or [impounded](https://support.cuvva.com/en/articles/5904217-impounded-vehicles) temporarily
Not be a company car, a hire car or a vehicle on a fleet policy

How to get temporary car insurance fast

Get insured and on the road in less than 5 minutes.

Get started on the app
It just takes a few clicks
Find your car
Enter your registration plate
Check your cover and pay
Get cover from as little as 1 hour up to 28 days
Extend whenever you need
If you need more time than you thought

Why Cuvva is faster and easier

Enjoy a better experience.

Notification reminders
Know when your policy is ending
Apple Pay support
For fast, secure payments
Licence scanner
Get your temporary insurance set up at the speed of camera
World beating customer service
Get an average 1 minute human response in the app

Temporary car insurance FAQs

Can I tax a car with temporary car insurance?
Absolutely, you can use temporary insurance to [tax your car](https://support.cuvva.com/en/articles/5913663-taxing-a-car-with-temporary-insurance) or van once your policy details are reflected on the [MID (Motor Insurance Database)](https://www.cuvva.com/how-insurance-works/motor-insurance-database-mid). While it can take up to 24 hours for these details to appear for the tax process, your insurance coverage is effective immediately if you book it to start instantly. For planning ahead, the app allows you to schedule your coverage [weeks in advance](https://support.cuvva.com/en/articles/2614228-can-i-purchase-for-a-future-date) - but a day’s cover should do the job when it comes to taxing the car.

Temporary car insurance alternatives

Learner driver insurance
Learner driver insurance
Hourly cover for learners with a provisional licence
Up to 6 hours per day with a supervisor
For practising in someone else’s car or your own
Owner’s NCB protected
Usually cheaper than being added to your parent's insurance
Temporary van insurance
Temporary van insurance
For commuting, driving to sites, and carrying your own equipment
Lend to a friend or colleague
Carriage of own goods cover
Business class 1 cover
Fully comprehensive
Drive away insurance
Drive away insurance
Drive your car home from a dealership
Insurance for when you've bought a used car
Suitable when you are inbetween annual insurance policies

Any questions?

Forget automated replies and chatbots! Our customer support team is made up of real people - get a response in minutes. We’re on hand between 9am to 9pm every single day. If you have any questions about our short-term car insurance, let’s have a chat.

customer support staff smiling

Already have a temporary car insurance policy?

Get advice and answers from the Cuvva team on all of our short-term car insurance policies, payment queries, privacy concerns and much more.

temporary car insurance policy with 12 hours left on phone

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