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Fast, flexible short-term cover

Insurance in no time

Insurance in no time

You can buy a policy in minutes. And you can extend it in seconds.

Manage your driving

Manage your driving

With MOT and tax reminders in the app, Cuvva takes the hassle out of driving.

Standalone policies

Standalone policies

Cuvva policies are completely standalone, so your (or your friends') no-claims bonus is safe.

Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive

You're covered for up to £40,000, with class 1 business insurance included.

Unbeatable customer support

With Cuvva, you can get 24/7 support (from a real life human!) We usually respond within 1 minute.

24/7 support in the app
Average 1-minute response time
Our customer service

How it works

Create an account

Download the Cuvva app and sign up in minutes.

Find your car

Enter your registration plate.

Pick a policy

Get cover for as little as one hour, or up to 28 days.


And that's it! You're covered.

Who we can cover

You have to:

Have a GB driving licence from the DVLA

Be under 65

Be at least 19 - and if you're under 21, have had your licence for a year, with no at or joint-fault claims

Have a car or van less than 20 years old

Transparent, flexible prices

We don't believe in sneaky pricing. Here's what we look at when you get a temporary insurance quote.

Time of day
Driving history


Older drivers tend to get cheaper policies than younger drivers.

Who we can cover

Age requirements

The minimum age to use Cuvva is 19. The maximum age is 65.

If you're under 21, have had your licence for a year, with no at or joint-fault claims.

Your age also affects which vehicles we can insure you on. For more powerful cars in higher insurance groups, you'll need to have more years of driving experience.

And, as with most insurance companies, your age affects your price, as well as your excess. Younger drivers tend to pay more than older, more experienced drivers.


You can get temporary car insurance on most vehicles, but we do have a few restrictions.

Cars need to be worth at least £1, and no more than £40,000. The car also has to be less than 20 years old.

We also can't insure cars that have been modified, impounded, scrapped or imported.

There are also age-related restrictions on the kinds of cars we can cover you for. Generally, the older and more powerful the car - and the higher the insurance group - the older you'll have to be to get insured on it.


There are a few things you can't use Cuvva for:

  • Making deliveries
  • Motor trading
  • Anything that isn't covered by class 1 business use
  • Driving people around for profit

You'll also need to have a valid MOT to get a Cuvva policy. That means you can't use our temporary car insurance to drive a car to an MOT centre.

You can't use Cuvva if your car is impounded, or if it's insured under a fleet policy.

What's covered

Cuvva is fully comprehensive. That means you're covered for damage to your own car, not just other people's - up to a maximum of £40,000.

Driving in Europe

You can use temporary insurance to drive in Europe. But your cover won't be comprehensive. And you'll only be able to buy policies in the UK.

Get help

Any questions? Search the knowledge base.

Temporary car insurance: perfect for...

Car sharing

With Cuvva, you can get temporary insurance for as little as an hour. So it's quicker (and usually cheaper) than adding a named driver.

Moving day

We cover cars and vans, so you can use temporary insurance to borrow a vehicle for moving day.

Driving a new car home

Just bought a car? If you haven't sorted out your insurance yet, temporary insurance can cover you for the drive home (and for test driving).

Selling your car

If you're looking to sell, a few weeks of short-term cover is the perfect way to keep your car insured.

What our customers say on

Our customers say
stars out of 5 based on
What a fantastic app and company to use. Cuvva have made something that used to use up a fair amount of time and effort into something so simple! Once set up on the app it actually takes 30 seconds to be insured!
Easy to use and gives peace of mind. My husband could borrow my friend’s car for a couple of hours work – no hassle whatsoever.
The whole concept behind Cuvva changes the rules on car insurance and creates a genuinely useful and innovative way to think about driving. I would recommend the app without any hesitation.

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A better kind of car insurance

We think the insurance industry needs to change. So we're doing things differently at Cuvva by offering insurance that's tailored to our customers.

That said, we're fully regulated by the FCA. Which means our insurance is above-board and completely legal. We're trusted by 300,000 people. And counting.

So there's nothing too-good-to-be-true here. Just fast, flexible policies.

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