A better way to insure your car

Join over half a million people getting a great deal on car insurance. Always-on or just an hour. Stay as long as you like. No tie-ins.
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Split the cost of your insurance to save money

With our premium policy option, you can add as many people to your policy as you like, and split the cost between you. Plus everyone gets to build up a no claims bonus, even named drivers.
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Good drivers save up to a third

Unlock savings as you drive. Prices based on you, not an average. Get 10% off simply by switching on Smart Pricing in the Cuvva app. See your price go down the better you drive.
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Monthly subscription. Car insurance on your terms

Pay for as long as you like with always-on, flexible monthly policies. Free cancellation. No penalties. No tie-ins. 6am to 1am support.
Create an account
Download the Cuvva app and sign up in minutes.
Get a quote
Enter a few key details about you and your car to get a quote.
Buy your policy
Choose your start date and enjoy fully comprehensive subscription cover.

Pay monthly at no extra cost

Why pay annually upfront for car insurance when you can split it monthly at no extra cost? Our rolling monthly cover is a flexible, hassle-free subscription.
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Get moving - car insurance for whatever, whenever

Policies from 1 hour to always-on subscription. Whenever you need to get behind the wheel - we’ve got you covered.
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Sort it all from your phone

Manage your policies. Change your details. Build your no-claims bonus. Set MOT and tax reminders. Get answers to your questions in one minute from the best customer support team, 6am to 1am. Everything you need - find it in the Cuvva app.
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Trusted by over half a million drivers

Don’t just take our word for it - we’re rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot.
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