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We’re on a mission to give everyone affordable access to a car anytime, anywhere.

Short-term car insurance
Short-term car insurance
Ultimate flexibility
Fully comprehensive cover
Policies from 1 hour up to 28 days
Instantly extend your cover in the app
Borrow any car - you don’t need to be the owner
Separate policies mean the car owner’s no claims bonus is protected
Learner driver insurance
Learner driver insurance
Perfect for practising
Hourly cover for learners with a provisional licence
Up to 6 hours per day with a supervisor
For practising in someone else’s car or your own
Owner’s NCB protected
Usually cheaper than being added to your parent's insurance
Flexible van insurance
Flexible van insurance
Get the job done
For commuting, driving to sites, and carrying your own equipment
Lend to a friend or colleague
Carriage of own goods cover
Business class 1 cover
Fully comprehensive

How much is temporary car insurance?

The price of temporary insurance depends on a lot of different factors to work out your price, like your age, job title, the car you drive, and where you live. So your price will be unique to you.

But we know it can be helpful to get a ballpark figure. So here are what you could expect to pay for various short-term car insurance durations.

| Hourly car insurance | Daily car insurance | Weekly car insurance | |---------------------- |-------------------- |---------------------- | | 1 hour from £11.07 | 1 day from £15.44 | 1 week from £33.70 | | 2 hours from £11.62 | 2 days from £19.15 | 2 weeks from £46.92 | | 3 hours from £11.63 | 3 days from £22.09 | 3 weeks from £55.42 | | 6 hours from £12.66 | 4 days from £24.60 | 28 days from £62.03 |

Car insurance on your terms

Pay for as long as you like with short-term insurance policies. No interest. No tie-ins. No deposits. 9am to 9pm customer support.

Create an account
Download the free Cuvva app and sign up with a few simple steps.
Get a quote
Enter some details about you, the car and trip to get your quote.
Get driving
Buy your policy, hop in and enjoy fully comprehensive cover.

Car insurance for whatever, whenever

Policies from 1 hour to 28 days. Whenever you need to get behind the wheel, we've got you covered.

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Sort it all from your phone

Manage your policies. Change your details. Extend your cover. Set MOT and tax reminders. Get answers to your questions from our 365-day customer support team. All via our app.

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Have some questions?

Real human customer support
Real human customer support
Sick of hold music? So are we. It’s why we made sure real people are there to help you. We’re available every day between 9am and 9pm - even on Christmas.
Car insurance explained
Car insurance explained
We know insurance can seem complicated, so we’ve done our best to simplify it. Our ‘How Insurance Works’ library has 150+ guides about everything from excess to renewals.
About us
About us
Cuvva is changing the way people get around. Learn more about what drives us (or just check out photos of our office dogs! 🐶)

We're perfect for borrowing

We’ve made it just as easy to get insured on someone else’s car as it is your own. Borrow a friend or family member’s car in minutes with fully comprehensive cover. And your no claims bonus is protected, because you’ll have your own policy.

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... and lending

Earn some brownie points and lend your car to a friend or family member. They’ll get their own separate policy, so your insurance and no claims bonus are completely protected.

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Spread the love (and get a tenner!)

It pays to be nice. Refer a friend to Cuvva and you’ll both get £10 when they buy their first temporary policy.

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No time to wait!

Looking for something specific?

1 hour insurance
1 hour insurance
Our hourly policies are perfect for if you want to drive someone else’s car (or lend your own). Cover begins at £11.07 and can start instantly or you can book it ahead of time.
1 day insurance
1 day insurance
Hit the beach, head across town to visit a friend or smash out that to-do list. 1 day’s cover starts from £15.44 - and it’s fully comprehensive as usual.
Drive a new car home
Drive a new car home
When you buy a new car, you’ll need insurance right away to get it home. That’s where Cuvva’s hourly drive away cover comes in.