Insurance is broken

And we’re fixing it.

Cuvva is making insurance radically better by giving you a truly flexible way to manage your cover, all from your phone.

We believe in radically better

The insurance industry works on outdated and impersonal processes, which means people get treated unfairly. And we were fed up of hearing ‘that’s just the way things are’. So we built Cuvva.

Cuvva works with a customer-first approach in everything from our tech stack to our compliance team. We’re building our Cuvva community to listen to the problems our customers are facing. And we’re not fans of hold-music either – you can always chat to us whenever you need to.

The state of play

Our journey so far

100+ team members
Building radically better insurance
400,000+ drivers
Covered on 2.5+ million policies
1 minute
Our average support response time

Flexibility, now and forever

Flexibility means the freedom to get wherever you need to, whenever you want. Cuvva is designed to suit your lifestyle, from just 1 hour to rolling monthly cover. Get temporary car or van insurance, learner driver and subscription insurance in the app.

Fair foundations

Insurance should be about protecting people, not premiums and percentages. So Cuvva focuses on finding fair solutions and offering 24/7 customer support, not balancing the books and leaving people to fall through the cracks.

Fit for the future

Wherever you’re going, we’ll help you get there. Cuvva is built with the future in mind, using technology to unlock fairer prices and better experiences.

Meet the team
We’re a team of dreamers, designers and customer champions turning the way the industry is run upside down.
All teams
Has a love/hate relationship with classic cars.
🔨 Oliver Jauncey
Head of mobile
Enjoys walks on the beach, adding bugs to fix later, halloumi and not working with SOAP.
🙌 Janak Shah
iOS engineer
🎩 Hais Deakin
iOS engineer
Can make a mean espresso martini if you ask nicely!
👸 Heather M
Team lead - training
Makes sure that everyone is working towards the same goal. Pretty into hill walking and trail running too.
🦄 Freddy Macnamara
Founder, CEO
He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.
🐿 George Miller
Principal backend engineer
Part-Time Student, Full-Time Sports and Travel enthusiast.
🍻 Dominic H
Senior COp
Loves all things people, cooking and travel. Hates bad avocados.
🕵️‍ Christian Collins
Team manager
I'm always late, but definitely worth the wait.
🤠 Hugh H
Senior COp
Athletic, scared and handsome.
Bark prevention officer
Ramen is life.
🎬 Chloe B
UX researcher - content
Making rectangles look fancy since 2016.
👩‍🎨 Olga R
Principal designer
Every great engineer got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they did it.
🍁 Chris Greeno
Serial '90s pop lover, LGBTQ+ advocate, and cat dad. 🐈
🤓 Cam Chalmers
Training specialist
Fluent in French, Spanish and most importantly, cats.
🍑 Zahra D
Insurance operations
Word nerd. Yotam Ottolenghi's biggest fan.
💅 Victoria Gawlik
CRM & copywriter
I never once questioned the size of my node_modules folder.
🙊 Salvo Cannamela
Web engineer
Gets excited talking about fairness. Loves pretentious coffee shops.
☄️ Rob Davies
Head of compliance
Eurovision enthusiast.
🍺 George Wilson
Engineering manager
Worked in show business, then worked maturing cheese. Still love movies, especially with cheese.
😏 Riva Cahn-Thompson
People & talent manager
Exclusively eats blue Doritos.
👽 Charlie Miller
TechOps engineer
Serial city-breaker. Two-time book club member.
🦁 Leo Carr
Head of customer operations
Serial wearer of black. Wore blue once and shocked everyone.
🚀 Blake Folgado
Head of experience
Jack of all trades, and literally master of none (unfortunately)!
💸 Jermaine Ijieh
Product manager
Ginger. Specky. Hairy. Hungry. A fitting description of Ryan. Also hobbits.
🎃 Ryan Collier
Squad captain
Saving the planet one second hand shopping trip at a time.
Kim C
Communications manager
🔥 Sol Wright
Product manager
The bloke with two sausage dogs 🌭
🙉 Steve White
Squad captain
🧔 Adam Bennett
Lead android engineer
Part-time COp. Full-time dreamer.
🐸 Tom Norman
Mostly yoga, coffee and colour co-ordination.
🤔 Anna de Grave
Product designer
Loves skiing, football and surfing. Wishes he read more. Dislikes olives on pizzas.
👀 Andy Tomlinson
🐻 Mak W
Part time grown up, full time casj. Intrepid explorer of experiences.
🗿 Matt Grossmith
Lead iOS engineer
Loves cars, animals and JSON schemas.
😆 Max Nijhof
Junior data engineer
Born in the US, grew up in London. Still speaks in an american accent
🐳 Loren Gould
Marketing director
Likes to chase flies and snooze.
Chief barketing officer
I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley
🐠 Andy Provan
Backend engineer
Always rock climbing and finance managing
🎸 Joe Flynn
Head of finance
Once waved at Elton John. He didn't wave back.
🌯 Kevin Adom
Performance marketing manager
Studies law by day. Plans society parties by night.
🌸 Sam S-N
Senior COp
👩‍💻 Rafaela Castro
iOS engineer
🙂 Kiren S
Senior COp
Can usually be found in dark rooms dancing to repetetive beats.
🎉 Patrick Socha
Backend engineer
Android Development. Google. Videogames. Amusement parks. Travelling.
🇪🇸 Pablo Costa
Android engineer
⚔️ Arek Kordos
Data engineer
Massive dog and cat lover! 🐶🐈
🐧 Alva Winsa
Scaling project manager
🎄 Harriet Trotter
Performance marketing manager
Taylor Swift's biggest fan. He put her picture in our internal dashboard.
💃 Alexander Forbes-Reed
Lead web engineer
🤘 Agnieszka Kulagowska
Trying not to be another casualty of society
🐓 Cameron Keen
His French never needs pardoning.
🏎️ Scott Nicol
Lead backend engineer
Loves insurance
🐅 Svetlana Novikova
Finance director
Interests include fashion, feminism and anything we can share on the blog. Loves 'casj' drinks.
☕️ Grace Roche
Content designer
Data by day. International pro foosballer by night.
😱 Rich Marsh
Data analytics manager
Smart home enthusiast.
🌈 James Billingham
The truth is out there... probably.
🐨 Shubhayu Chakraborty
Android engineer
Recently back from 6 months travelling around Latin America, learning spanish and drinking coffee
🏖 Charlotte Metcalf
Workplace experience manager
Want to work with us?
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