Drive away car insurance

Need drive away insurance to get your new car home? Get a fast fully comprehensive policy from Cuvva, from as little as an hour, up to 28 days.

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Flexible cover to get your new car home.

When you buy a car, you need insurance straight away - even for the drive home.

With drive away insurance, you can get covered for as little as an hour - so no need to worry about sorting a full insurance policy at the dealership.

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Fully comprehensive. And then some

We cover:

You and your stuff
Payouts up to £40,000 for accidents, theft, attempted theft, or fire damage
Up to £500 for fitted audio equipment, and £100 for your things
Class 1 business use
Other drivers
£5m for claims
£2m for damage and medical expenses
European third-party
The little extras:
Get covered in minutes
Policy docs instantly sent right to your phone
9am to 9pm human support

The cost of 7 day drive away insurance

It varies by driver and car, but a brand new Corsa costs around £52.46 to insure for 7 days, an Audi A3 costs around £99.20, and a brand new BMW 320i costs around £88.91. That’s the average price Cuvva customers pay in December 2022.

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Common drive away insurance questions

What is a cover note?
A cover note is something some insurers provide to show a car has insurance, right after a policy has been bought. It can be given to the car owner to prove their car is insured to drive, so the driver can hit the road immediately rather than wait for the policy documents to arrive in the post.
More modern insurers like Cuvva do things differently. Our temporary car insurance starts instantly, and we email your policy docs over right away - so there's no waiting for the postman. You don't need a cover note with us, because we sort it right away.
This can be especially useful if you've just bought a car and want to get it home. Cuvva's temporary policies, starting from just one hour, are perfect for this this in-between period. You can sort short-term cover so you're good to drive while you look for something longer.

Standalone policies.

You can use Cuvva to insure your own brand new car to get it from the dealership. Or you can borrow any car in minutes. Your protected by your own comprehensive policy.

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9am to 9pm support.

We're free when you're free. Get 9am to 9pm support in the app. We'll usually get back to you within 1 minute.

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Instant extensions.

If you need a bit longer, you can extend your policy in a few taps. We'll let you know when you're running out of time.

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It's all in the details.

The small things that have a big impact.

Notification reminders
Know when your policy is ending
Apple Pay support
For fast, secure payments
Licence scanner
Set your account up at the speed of camera

Who we cover

To use Cuvva's car insurance, you'll need:

To be 19 to 70 when your policy starts
A GB driving licence
Access to a car that's less than 20 years old
A car that's worth up to £60,000

The expert's view

Adam Kent, Cuvva's Senior Underwriting Lead and Insurance Expert, said: ‘If you're buying a car from a dealership, be warned: car insurance (usually) isn’t included! This means you absolutely must sort it yourself before driving home - even if it’s just a five minute journey. The easy solution is called drive away insurance. This is temporary cover for the period between buying the car and arranging your own full insurance. Getting into an accident on the way home with no insurance would leave you in serious trouble. Do the sensible thing and use drive away insurance.’

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Insurance built by people

Cuvva is a 100+ strong team working to make insurance radically better every day. From our tech-stack to our training team, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

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