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What is a cover note?
  • A cover note is something some insurers provide to show a car has insurance, right after a policy has been bought. It can be given to the car owner to prove their car is insured to drive, so the driver can hit the road immediately rather than wait for the policy documents to arrive in the post.
  • More modern insurers like Cuvva do things differently. Our temporary car insurance starts instantly, and we email your policy docs over right away - so there's no waiting for them postman. You don't need a cover note with us, because we sort it right away.
  • This can be especially useful with brand new car insurance. Say you've just bought a car and want to get it home. Cuvva's policies, starting from just one hour, are perfect for getting home from the dealership. New car? Sorted! Insurance to drive? Sorted!

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To be 19 to 64 when your policy starts
A GB driving licence
Access to a car that's less than 20 years old
A car that's worth less than £40,000

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