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How insurance groups work
Groups 1 to 50
All cars in the UK go in an insurance group. The groups go from 1 to 50.
Powerful cars, higher groups
Faster, more powerful cars tend to go into higher insurance groups.
Safer cars, lower groups
Cars with more safety features tend to go in lower groups.
Lower groups, lower prices
Generally, cars in lower insurance groups are cheaper to insure.
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Insurance groups explained

Your car's insurance group can make a big difference to your price.

Why insurance is expensive

But it's not just your insurance group. Lots of things affect your price.

Free car checker

Insurance groups are based on a car's technical specs. Find out yours.

Engine size and car insurance

Bigger engines tend to make your car insurance more expensive.

Vehicle value

More expensive cars tend to go in higher groups - but not always.

Switching to a new car

If you're buying a new car, you can usually transfer your insurance.

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