Learner driver insurance

Temporary insurance for all you provisional drivers practising for your driving test. Manage it all through the app. Oh, and good luck! 🚘
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Only pay for what you need.

Get hourly car insurance in minutes. View your documents, manage your details and chat to us - all through your phone.
And with cover starting instantly, there's no need to commit in advance. It's the ultimate flexibility. Just grab your licence, make sure you've got a supervisor, and get started.
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Learning to drive with Cuvva

Less stress, more success with our provisional licence insurance.
No claims bonus protection: there’s no risk to the person whose car you’re borrowing
If you’d rather drive your own car with a supervisor, that’s fine too
Lesson running over or fancy another? Extend your cover instantly in the app
Our fully comprehensive insurance has you covered in most instances
Learning to drive can be confusing! If you have any questions about your cover, our 6am to 1am support team can help you within 1 minute

How it works

Download the app
It just takes a few clicks to get started, and it's free.
Get a quote
Enter details about you and your car
Check your cover and pay
With a fully comprehensive 1 hour policy of your own!
Extend whenever you need
For when an hour just isn't enough
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Can I get learner driver insurance on my parents’ car?
  • Yes. If you have a supervisor you can get your own standalone cover through the Cuvva app. This way, their no claims bonus will be unaffected if the worst happens.
  • You can drive any vehicle up to insurance group 20. If you can get a quote on the app or the website, then we can insure you! However, we can’t insure vehicles that are over 20 years old, imported, without an MOT, modified or for-hire.

Fully comprehensive. And then some.

We cover...
You and your stuff
Payouts up to £40,000 for accidents, theft, attempted theft, or fire damage
Up to £500 for fitted audio equipment, and £100 for your things
Class 1 business use
Other people
Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident
Third party property damage up to £2M including associated costs and expenses
Cuvva extras
Get covered in minutes
Protect the owner's no-claims bonus
6am to 1am human support, with a 1-minute response time

It's all in the details.

The small things that have a big impact.
Notification reminders
Know when your policy is ending
Apple Pay support
For fast, secure payments
Licence scanner
Set your account up at the speed of camera.

Who we cover

To use Cuvva, you'll need:
A supervisor
A GB driving licence
Access to a car that's less than 20 years old
A car that's worth less than £40,000

Driving test tips and tricks

Here's our complete guide to the driving test:
And here's what the examiner will be looking out for:
Check out the test centres with the highest and lowest pass rates:

Learner driver FAQs

Can I drive on a provisional licence without a qualified driver?
  • It is against UK law to drive alone or without a qualified driver if you’re a learner. Always have a qualified driver with you so that your licence stays clean and your car doesn’t get impounded! With Cuvva, your supervisor must be over 25 and have held their full licence for five years – though this doesn’t have to be a UK licence.

Already passed your driving test?

Nice work! You may want to consider our monthly subscription insurance. It’s suitable for young drivers who have held their licence for at least a year, and don’t want to install a black box, or put up with curfews. To change your learner status in the app to a full licence holder's, just chat to us in the app.
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Any questions?

Forget automated replies and chatbots! Our customer support team is made up of real people - with an average one minute response time. We’re on hand between 6am and 1am every single day. Let’s have a chat.
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