The cost of learning to drive - and how to get insurance
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Learning to drive is an important milestone. For young people, it’s a ticket to freedom. And for their parents, it means a well-earned break from taxi duty. 🚕 Everyone wins!

But it comes at a price, and a steep one at that. Before you even get into the (learner) driver's seat, you have to pay £34-£43 for a provisional licence. You can order one in advance, but you can’t get behind the wheel until you’re 17. Simply put, a provisional licence means legally, you’ve got the go-ahead to drive on UK roads, as long as you have a trusted driver with you.

Learning to drive

This ‘trusted driver’ could be a driving instructor or someone you know. If you choose to learn with someone you know, they’ll have to be over 21, have passed their test in that type of car themselves (for example, have a licence to drive a manual car if that's what you're learning in), and have held their licence for at least 3 years.

Both approaches have their good and bad points - we’ll talk about these in a future post. But both approaches also cost money. 💰

For around £20-25 an hour, you can get a lesson with an instructor. This includes the petrol and the insurance too if you're driving your instructor's car. When learning with a family member or friend, you usually don’t have to pay an hourly fee (depending on how nice they’re feeling! 😂), but you still have to make sure you have the right insurance. Some insurance policies will cover learner drivers, so it’s worth asking whoever is teaching you to check first.

Otherwise, you will need to buy learner driver insurance to cover you when you’re behind the wheel. How much this costs will depend on the provider. We offer temporary learner driver insurance that’s affordable, flexible, and incredibly easy to use. Learner drivers can borrow their parent’s or friend’s car with a few taps of the app, and the best news is you only have to pay for the time spent driving.

Taking your test

Before you can ditch the ‘L’ plates, there are two more hurdles to overcome: your theory and practical tests. They cost around £23 and £60-£75 respectively. Given it is so expensive, they are well worth preparing for. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to take the test once to pass.

But don't worry if not. Plenty of people have to take the test more than once.

Hitting the road

The most important thing when it comes to learning to drive is to make sure you feel confident on the roads for when you eventually go out on your own. So whichever way you decide to learn, there is no denying the importance of practice. The amount of time it takes to feel ready is different for everyone, but spending more time on the roads with the support of an experienced driver is important to build confidence and skill behind the wheel.

Even if you decide to take paid lessons, increasing your confidence with extra practice is a great option to make sure you're ready for the road. If you have access to a friend or family member's car, you can get some extra practice outside of your lessons. It can be difficult to set specific times when borrowing someone else's car. But don't worry. Our learner driver insurance is super quick and starts instantly, so you don't need to plan it in advance. 🚗

If you have any questions about how our learner driver insurance works, come and chat to us via the app or at 💬

Updated on 1st November 2019

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