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What is temporary car insurance?
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We all love a road trip! Hours of playing driving songs, overfilling the car with snacks (with stop-offs at every service station, of course), and chatting and laughing with friends.

The downside is the actual driving - especially if it’s a long way and only one of your group is insured to drive the car.

With Cuvva’s temporary insurance, however, it’s easy to split the driving and keep everyone fresh. Here’s how it all works 👇

What is temporary insurance?

Temporary insurance is exactly what it sounds like: a quick and easy way to borrow or lend a car on a short term basis. It’s ultra flexible, with policies from just one hour, and it’s as easy to get insured on a friend’s car as it is your own.

It’s also fully comprehensive and the car owner’s no claims bonus is protected. Plus, it can all be sorted from your phone in minutes. Easy!

And it only takes a moment to get a quote.

Get a quick quote 👇
Temporary car insurancer from one hour - perfect for a road trip. Get a quote.

How is temporary car insurance different to being a named driver?

A named driver is a second person added to a car insurance policy. The main driver (the person who does most of the driving) can add a named driver to reduce their, or the other driver’s, annual premium, depending on who is the more experienced driver.

Named drivers can’t do the majority of the driving on the car (this would constitute a type of insurance fraud called fronting) but they can use the car whenever they want - which differs to temporary insurance.

With temporary insurance, unlike when you’re a named driver, you have your very own policy. The car owner’s no claims bonus is protected, and won’t be impacted if you need to make a claim. Their premium also won’t be hit. Plus, because it starts instantly, you don’t need to sit around for days waiting for the policy docs to arrive in the post - they’ll be emailed over and available on your account instead.

Being a named driver can be a great option if you’re looking for annual insurance on a car you drive regularly. It’s a good alternative to purchasing your own policy because it tends to be cheaper, and it’s an easy way to share a car with the same people for a long period of time.

Temporary insurance is more suitable if you’re looking to lend your or borrow someone’s car. To become a named driver, you’d usually have to call up an insurance company, pay a fee, and get added to the policy. With temporary, you need a new policy each time you drive, but it only takes a few minutes and begins instantly.

Temporary car insurance can be used to share the driving on a road trip
Temporary car insurance can be used to share the driving on a road trip

How to get temporary car insurance: step-by-step

If you’re a new customer, you can get a quote on our website. But the easiest way to buy a policy, especially if you're mid-road trip and want to take over the driving, is to download the Cuvva app and do it there.

Here’s what to do next, if you want to get insured on a mate’s car to split the drive:

  • Enter the car number plate. If we can insure the car, you’ll progress to the next step.
  • Enter personal details. You’ll need to tell us a little more about yourself. For example, your driving history and your licence number. This should only take a few minutes.
  • Choose your policy length. For this example, we’re choosing 1 hour. The app will show you when the policy will expire and how much it’ll cost. If you need to extend the policy later, you can do it with just a few taps in the app. We’ll also send you a reminder when your policy is about to expire.
  • Take a photo of your car in the app. Make sure the entire front of the car is visible, and that the photo isn’t blurry or the wrong way around.
  • Pay, and the cover will start instantly.

If you and all your drivers can get a quote, then you’re good to split the drive 🎉

Splitting a road trip is easy with short-term cover
Splitting a road trip is easy with short-term cover

Don’t forget to read through the policy docs so you’re sure of what exactly is included.

And if you’re all new to Cuvva, don’t forget about our referral discount! It can be a great way for you and your fellow drivers to save some cash. And, as always, you can contact support if any issues arise - we're available between 9am to 9pm every day of the year. Get a response in minutes.

It really is that simple! No making phone calls, no waiting for policy documents to arrive in the mail, no waiting for confirmation.

Tempted? Get a quote in minutes.

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