Young driver insurance

Fully comp car insurance perfect for young drivers. No deposits, curfews, cancellation fees, black boxes or credit checks. For your car, a parent’s or a friend’s. Easy!
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Young driver insurance you can switch on and off

Insurance can be confusing so let’s keep things simple. Here’s how it all works:
Manage it all in the app
Manage your policies. Change your details. Set MOT and tax reminders. Get answers to your questions in one minute from our world class support team. Easy!
Flexible insurance
Temporary insurance from as little as an hour to rolling monthly policies, with no deposits. Perfect for young drivers who have held their licence for at least a year.
A fully comprehensive policy
The highest level of cover - and you’re still able to earn a no claims bonus in the usual way.
Tasty discounts
With our month-by-month Smart Pricing policy, the better you drive, the less you pay. Get discounts of up to ⅓ on your bill.

How much is car insurance for a new driver?

Let’s get down to brass tacks. The average fully comprehensive price for UK young drivers aged 20-24 is £133.21 a month, and approx £251.34 a month for those 19 or under*.
*This is based on Cuvva’s average prices in January 2022.
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Our top tips on how to make car insurance cheaper for young drivers
  • Get your insurance quote as far in advance as possible
  • Choose a car in insurance group 1. Our personal favourite at Cuvva is the Fiat Panda due to its practicality and size, but there’s plenty of good options to choose from.
  • Consider sharing a car with a family member or housemate. If you only need it every now and again, pay-as-you-go insurance could save you money.
  • Adjust your voluntary excess to reduce your premium.
  • Register to vote by joining the electoral roll - yes, this can reduce your price!
  • Tweak your job title when getting your quote (for example, from artist to designer) but don’t lie.
  • Limit your mileage.
  • Take a driving course. These can sometimes help you reduce your price.
  • Consider using Cuvva’s Smart Pricing. The better you drive, the more you save - and all you need to do is sign up to our subscription policy and activate your permissions on your phone.

Fully comprehensive. And then some

Here's what you're covered for with our monthly subscription.
You and your stuff
Accident, theft, attempted theft, or fire
Loss or damage cover for permanently fitted audio equipment
£100 for your stuff
Personal accident benefits
Other people
Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident
Third party property damage up to £20m and £5m for associated legal costs and expenses
60 days of comprehensive cover in Europe (and minimum third-party cover after that)
Damage to the car
£40,000 maximum payout
Windscreen replacement
Adjustable excess
Replacement locks up to £400

Cuvva age requirements

It’s simple, really: if you’re under 21, you need to have held a full licence for at least a year. You also need to have had no at-fault or joint-fault claims during that year.
If you’re a learner driver, you need to be between 17 and 40, and have not held your provisional licence for more than 5 years.
There are some exceptions. For example, vehicles in higher insurance groups (these are generally faster or more expensive cars) are more likely to be restricted.

How it works

Download the app
It just takes a few clicks to get started, and it's free.
Get a quote
Enter details about you and your car
Check your cover and pay
With a fully comprehensive policy of your own!
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Black box insurance for young drivers, without the box

Love cheaper car insurance? Hate black boxes? Get this: so do we. That's why we've created Smart Pricing, a way to save money based on your driving without relying on black boxes and their nasty fees.
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Can a new driver have a passenger when they first learn to drive?
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got your provisional licence or you’ve already passed your test, you can have passengers in your car.
  • If you’re still learning to drive, make sure your supervisor is in the front seat.
  • Just be careful not to exceed the limit of passengers your car can safely hold.

The expert's view

Adam Kent, Cuvva's Senior Underwriting Lead and Insurance Expert, said: ‘Car insurance is expensive for young people because they are considered to be high-risk drivers. Statistically, young drivers are more likely to get into car accidents than older drivers, and car insurance companies charge higher premiums to cover the increased risk. There are a few things young drivers can do to try to lower their premium, such as driving a less expensive car or utilising telematics like Smart Pricing. It can be tempting to falsify or manipulate your answers to get a cheaper premium, but it’s very important not to. Insurance companies are sophisticated and will find out the truth. If you have lied and later make a claim, the insurer might not pay, could void your insurance and may even press legal action against you to recover any costs.’
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Any questions?

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