How your job title affects your car insurance price

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Your job title is one of many things that can affect the price of your car insurance.

Some jobs are considered "riskier" than others and could make your policy more expensive.

You always need to be honest when you declare your job, but it's worth bearing in mind that some positions may have slightly different titles (for example, 'journalist' and 'writer') with slightly different premium prices.

Car insurance can be more expensive depending on your job title

Car insurance companies have lots of data about how likely you are to make a claim, depending on your job title.

This means that your car insurance price could vary depending on your occupation. If the data shows that chefs, for example, are more likely to get into an accident and make a claim, having chef as your job title is likely to make your car insurance more expensive. (This is just an example! 👩‍🍳)

So it's not about how much you drive for work, or whether you carry expensive equipment around with you. It's all about how people with the same job title as you tend to drive. It's a bit like how your age can impact your insurance, and why car insurance is usually more expensive for young drivers.

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Be accurate when you choose your job title

When you buy a car policy, your insurer will give you a list of job titles to pick from.

You need to pick one from the list that accurately matches what you do.

Sometimes, there are a couple of options that both reflect what you do (for example, 'chef' or 'caterer'. They may result in slightly different premiums.

Lying about your job title could void your car insurance

If the job title you choose when buying a car policy doesn't match what you actually do, your insurance might not be valid and your insurer may cancel your policy if you're caught lying to get a cheaper quote.

That means if you have an accident, your insurer might not pay out. It's just not worth it.

It could also mean your policy gets "voided" and this might make it harder (or more expensive) to get insurance in future.

If you're unsure about the best title to pick, get in touch with the insurer for help.

Your job title can impact your car insurance price
Your job title can impact your car insurance price

Telling your insurer when you change jobs

You need to let your insurer know if your job title changes significantly. For example, if you switch from being a business analyst to a yoga teacher, or a teacher to a chef.

If your job title changes a little bit - for example if you get a promotion - and you're not sure if you need to tell your insurer, it's best to play it safe and get in touch with them just in case.

Some insurance companies charge an admin fee for updating personal details, such as your job title. These fees vary between companies but could be anywhere from £10 to £35.

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The price of car insurance can vary if you're unemployed or retired

Retired drivers often pay less for car insurance, because they don't usually drive during rush hour and are less likely to have an accident or claim.

Car insurance tends to be more expensive for unemployed drivers because they're (statistically) more likely to get into an accident and make a claim.

If you're waiting to start a new job, it's best to ask your insurer what title to use. Usually, it's fine to use your new job title but the rules can vary depending on your insurer so it's best to check to be safe.

If you're on maternity or paternity leave, you can use your current job title because you're still employed, just on leave! 👶🏻

Gendered job titles shouldn't change your quote

Since 2010, it's been illegal for insurers to give different prices to men and women. That includes "gendered" job titles.

For example, a "policewoman" shouldn't be offered a lower quote than a "policeman" or "police officer."

It's way fairer, so we're big fans of this rule.

Getting cheaper insurance if your profession is expensive to insure

Some professions are quite expensive to insure.

Anything involving professional sports, for example, will make car insurance quite pricey. ⚽️

Choosing a car from a lower insurance group can help make your policy cheaper.

Adjusting your voluntary excess can also bring down the cost of your car insurance.

If you're struggling to find a car policy, a specialist broker may be able to help. The British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) can help you find the right company - you can use their online insurance finder or speak to an expert over the phone.

Some professions are more expensive to insure
Some professions are more expensive to insure

Driving for work doesn't (usually) affect the price of your car insurance

Policies tend to be more expensive for drivers that use their cars for commuting.

Your commute also includes driving to get another mode of transport as part of your journey to work. For example, driving to the train station and leaving your car parked outside. Some insurers also class dropping someone else off at their workplace as commuting.

If you start using your car for work, rather than just commuting, you'll need to get business use car insurance. It's a little different.

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Updated on 3rd April 2023