Using Cuvva for business

Our temporary car insurance policies cover you for class 1 business use.

That means you can:

  • Use your car to drive to and from work
  • Drive to other places for business (that aren’t where you usually work)

It doesn’t cover:

  • Deliveries
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Motor trading
  • Other people driving your car

All our policies are fully comprehensive. That includes when you’re driving for business.

You can see exactly what’s covered by taking a look at your policy documents. You can find them in the app before you pay. We’ll email them to you, too.

The different kinds of business use car insurance

There are a few different kinds of business use car insurance:

Social, domestic and pleasure (SDP) means you’re not covered for work. It only covers stuff like going shopping, visiting friends and family - that sort of thing.

SDP & commuting covers the same stuff as SDP, but also covers you for the commute. It doesn’t cover you for driving to other places as part of work - just your “usual place of work”.

Class 1 business use means you’re covered for commuting, plus driving to other sites that aren’t your usual place of work.

It doesn't include commercial use (such as deliveries) or door-to-door selling.

Class 2 business use covers everything class 1 does, but it also includes other people named on the policy.

Class 3 business use includes things like door-to-door sales.

Carriage of Own Goods means you can drive a van for business, including items you need for work.

Hire and Reward means you can carry around other people’s stuff for money. You’ll need it if you’re a furniture remover, or anything like that.

You can’t use Cuvva for deliveries, door-to-door sales or motor trading

Because our policies only go up to class 1 business use, you can’t use Cuvva to make deliveries, sell cars or make door-to-door sales.

Learner driver insurance and business use

Our learner driver policies cover you for SDP and commuting use.

Van insurance and business use

Our van insurance policies include Carriage of Own Goods cover, along with class 1 business insurance.

Monthly subscription and business use

Our monthly subscription policies will include SDP & commuting use as standard.

But if you want to add class 1 business insurance, you can. It’s an optional extra, and it’ll add a little bit to the price of your policy.

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