Cuvva is fully comprehensive: what that means

All our car insurance policies are fully comprehensive - as long as you're driving in the UK.

That means you're covered for damage to your vehicle and damage to other people's vehicles.

We only offer comprehensive car insurance. You can't lower your level of cover in the app.

(This will also to be the case for our pay-monthly car insurance.)

Checking your level of cover in the app

You can check your level of cover in the app.

Once you've got your quote, chosen your policy and filled in your profile, it's on the last screen, just before you buy.

It's listed under "policy details".

You won't have comprehensive cover if you're driving in another country

Our short term car insurance policies are only comprehensive as long as you're driving in the UK. If you drive outside the UK with a Cuvva policy, you'll only have "third party" cover.

That said, you can only buy a Cuvva temporary car insurance policy in the UK. That's because we use your location to work out the price of your policy. But once you've bought your policy, you can drive in other countries. Just with a lower level of cover.

"Comprehensive", "third party" and "third party, fire and theft": the different kinds of car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is one of three main types of car insurance cover: comprehensive, third party, and third party fire and theft.

Third party car insurance only covers you for damage to other people's vehicles. Third party, fire and theft covers you for damage other people's vehicles, as well as covering you if your vehicle gets stolen or damaged by fire.

(As a side note, there's no difference between "fully comprehensive" and "comprehensive" car insurance. There's not really any such thing as "fully comprehensive". But because that's what people tend to call it, it's what we tend to call it, too 👍)

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