Changing your learner driver car insurance after passing your driving test

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Learner driver insurance

If you’re taking driving lessons with a professional instructor, they will normally have their own insurance that covers you for the lesson period. You’re all covered - and it’s (usually) factored into the price you pay for your lessons.

If you’re out on the road practising your manoeuvres, though, you’ll need a supervisor (someone with a full licence over a certain age - with Cuvva, it’s 25) and your own insurance. You have two options: to get added to someone else’s policy as a named driver, or to take out temporary learner driver insurance.

Temporary car insurance is ultra-flexible - you only pay for the time you actually spend in the car. Plus, the car owner’s no claims bonus is protected. We’ve written a full article about temporary learner insurance and being a named driver.

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Can you use learner driver insurance once you pass?

So, you’ve successfully passed your test - congratulations! 🥳

Now, what about your insurance?

Your learner driver insurance won’t cover you anymore, so you’ll need some means of getting home from the test. If you took the test in your instructor’s car, maybe they’ll be nice enough to give you a lift. Otherwise, cadge a lift from someone else, or get public transport.

If you drove to the test centre in your own car with someone supervising you, you need to sort out insurance for the drive home.

With an insurer like Cuvva, this can be done in minutes - all through your phone! If you’re reading this now from a test centre with that pass certificate in your hand, see if you can get a quote here. (By the way, some insurers, like Cuvva, have age and licence restrictions for new customers.)

Passing your driving test feels great - but don’t forget to sort out your car insurance for the drive home!
Passing your driving test feels great - but don’t forget to sort out your car insurance for the drive home!
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What’s the difference between learner driver insurance and full insurance?

While learner insurance is there just to cover you whilst learning to drive and taking the test, ‘normal’ insurance is necessary once the test instructor hands you your pass certificate.

The big difference between the two types of insurance is that full insurance is generally an annual policy - although a few providers (sneaky plug 🙋‍♂️) offer temporary cover.

Car insurance has three levels of cover (PS - you can click through the titles for a full explainer on each):

  • Third party - this is the minimum level of cover most providers offer and the cheapest. It only covers the cost of compensating other people for any injury or vehicle damage you cause, but doesn’t provide any financial help for you if your car is damaged or you’re hurt
  • Third party, fire and theft - this includes the cover given by third party, but also compensates you if your vehicle is damaged due to fire, theft or if it’s stolen
  • Fully comprehensive - fully comprehensive insurance covers you for third party, fire and theft, and also if your vehicle is damaged or if you suffer injuries. It will help with medical treatment, accidental damage and legal expenses. PS, all Cuvva policies are fully comp

What to do after passing your driving test

Firstly, breathe a sigh of relief and give yourself a huge pat on the back! 😅

If you plan to drive home yourself, take a minute or two to compose yourself. You’ve just gone through an incredibly stressful experience, so allow yourself time to recover.

Once you’ve passed your driving test and been given your pass certificate by the examiner, your learner driver insurance will most likely become invalid. That means you need to sort out cover before taking a slow and steady drive home.

Temporary insurance could be a good idea here, as policies start from one hour.

Just be aware, you can’t use one hour’s insurance to get home and let your policy expire while you mull over options for a few days. It’s illegal to have an uninsured car, even if it’s just parked up on the road or even in a garage. The only other option is to SORN your car.

So make sure you keep your temporary insurance ticking over until you’ve decided what to do.

Temporary young driver car insurance offers an alternative to being added as a named driver
Temporary young driver car insurance offers an alternative to being added as a named driver

Quick-fire learner driver insurance FAQs

Can you drive home after passing your driving test? Yes, you can drive home after passing your test. However, you must be insured to drive on UK roads. Even if you have learner driver insurance, most policies become invalid once you pass your test.

Do you need car insurance for your driving test? You need a valid insurance policy for the car in which you’re taking your test. If you have professional lessons and plan to take your test in your instructor’s car, their insurance will usually cover you. However, if learning in your car or a family member’s, you’ll need your own insurance for both lessons and the test.

Why is young driver car insurance so expensive? Young drivers are considered risky to insure by providers, as statistically, they are the group more likely to have an accident. That’s why their insurance premiums are typically higher.

Whether you're after learner driver insurance, young driver insurance or full temporary cover, you can get a quote in just minutes.

Updated on 3rd April 2023