Comprehensive car insurance explained

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Comprehensive insurance won’t cover you for anything illegal

Comprehensive insurance doesn’t cover the following types of claim:

  • Anything illegal: if you were drunk-driving when you had an accident or were driving without a licence.
  • Breaking the rules: insurers will set out guidelines when you take out your insurance. If you break any of these, they won’t let you claim.
  • Poor security: if you leave the doors unlocked and your car gets stolen.
  • General wear and tear: insurers don’t cover you for the general repairs that are needed just from your car being used.

Comprehensive insurance can be cheaper than third party cover

Comprehensive policies can be cheaper than third party and third party, fire and theft insurance.

The average third party, fire and theft policy is around £847, almost double the price of the average comprehensive policy which costs £486 per year!

It sounds strange we know because with most things you often pay more when you buy a premium product. Insurance works a bit differently though.

Your policy price is based on how risky you are to insure and the chances of you making a claim.

Drivers with third party and third party fire and theft policies are, statistically, more likely to have an accident.

So these policies tend to be more expensive than comprehensive insurance.

It’s worth shopping around to see how much each type of insurance policy will cost you.

Is comprehensive insurance worth it?

Comprehensive insurance is a good option if you want to make sure your car is covered for damage.

This might be because you wouldn’t be able to afford to get it fixed or replace it yourself.

If you can afford the cost of repairs it might be worth considering a third party policy.

Comprehensive insurance and no claims bonuses

Most insurers offer a no-claims bonus for all insurance types, including comprehensive policies.

This means you’ll build your no-claims bonus at the same rate on a third party policy as you would a more comprehensive one.

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Third party insurance covers you to drive in other countries

Comprehensive policies will cover driving abroad but there may be limits on how long you're insured to drive in another country.

Some insurers may only give you third-party cover to drive abroad, even if you have comprehensive cover in the UK. So it’s worth double-checking before you go anywhere.

You'll need a Green Card from your insurer before travelling too.

A Green Card is an international certificate that proves you have the minimum level of insurance to drive abroad legally.

If you're caught without the right insurance or a valid Green Card, you could get fined and have your car impounded. 😕

Green Cards:
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Updated on 6th May 2021