Our temporary car insurance product just got better!

Our temporary car insurance product just got better!

We have made a few product announcements recently, from no longer needing an underlying policy for our temporary car insurance product to the launch of our new subscription product. It’s been a busy few months! However, we’re pleased to say that we have some more good news! We have made some big improvements to our temporary car insurance product.

Here’s an update of all the improvements we’ve made live this week:

Lowered the age requirement

The minimum age limit has dropped from 21 years old to 19. The only requirement is that if you are under 21, you will need to of held your licence for at least one year.

Learner drivers

If you have a provisional licence and are between the ages of 17-45 then you can now use Cuvva to help prepare for your test. Of course, you’ll still need a full licence holder in the car with you.

Wait a second? That means that I can learn to drive at 17 with Cuvva and then I’m banned for two years until I get to 19?!

Never fear, we have thought of that. If you buy an hourly policy while you’re learning, you will be able to get insured once you’ve passed your test.

Larger range of vehicles

You can now get insured on more awesome cars! The maximum vehicle value has increased from £35,000 to £40,000 and the maximum insurance group has increased to 50. Which means for some people, we will now be able to insure them on Tesla’s! (finally!)

Hourly pricing has decreased

For some policies, the price has reduced by a significant amount.

Increase in policy length

You can now get even longer Cuvva policies. From 1 hour all the way up to 28 days. Great if you are borrowing a car for a long stretch.

That’s all of the updates for this week! If you have any questions or comments regarding any of these updates, let us know in our via the in-app chat.