Car insurance for up to 28 days

Short-term car insurance for up to 28 days. Fully comprehensive cover without being tied into an annual contract. Insure your car, borrow someone else’s or cover a [van for 28 days]( with no nasty hidden fees or interest.

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1 hour to 28 day car insurance

Flexible policies for ultimate peace of mind. Just head to the app, choose your cover from 1 hour to 28 days, and get driving. Don’t get tied into a longer contract than necessary. With Cuvva, you only pay for the cover you actually need. Policy ends and you fancy another one? Jump on the app and get a new one. It starts instantly.

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Car insurance - without the interest rates

Monthly car insurance common questions

Does Cuvva offer a rolling monthly subscription?
We paused this. If you’re a current rolling monthly subscriber, it’ll carry on as usual. If you’re looking for short term flexible cover, you can buy policies from 1 hour to 28 days.

One place to manage your car

Get covered, view your documents and manage your details - all through our app.

You can also see information about the car, and set reminders for your tax and MOT. And if that wasn't enough, you can chat to us too. We're here from 9am to 9pm, every single day of the year.

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Fully comprehensive. And then some

Here's what you're covered for with our short term car insurance.

Damage to your vehicle up to £40k
Damage to third party property up to £2m
Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident
Attempted theft
Fire damage
Carriage of own goods business use - for vans as well as cars
Up to £400 for after-fit audio equipment and £100 for your things
Driving after 10pm

What is pay-monthly car insurance?

Most traditional pay-monthly insurance policies are credit agreements. In other words, you split the total cost of an annual policy over 12 months. This means you end up paying lots of interest. With some insurers, the APR is almost 40%.

While pay-monthly insurance might sound flexible, it’s actually just a sneaky way that some insurers charge even more for an annual policy. It could be a better option to instead take out a short term car insurance policy whenever you need to borrow a car.

Who we cover

To use Cuvva's car insurace for the first time, you'll need:

To be 19 to 70 when your policy starts
A GB driving licence
A car that's less than 20 years old
A car that's worth up to £60,000

You deserve a better type of car insurance

The car insurance industry wasn’t built for how people live today. We want to make car insurance more affordable and fairer, and to give anyone access to a car, anytime, anywhere.