Why Cuvva is great for students!

As we get back to the hustle and bustle of the new academic, here's why Cuvva's a great car insurance option for students.
By Team member, 22/09/2017
2 minutes read

The middle of September marks the beginning of the academic year and, as the hustle and bustle returns to university and college campuses across the country, we want to highlight some of the reasons why Cuvva is a great option for students seeking a sleek and modern solution for their car insurance needs.

As mobile technology is increasingly integrated into everyday life, more and more services are becoming available through mobile applications. The motoring industry is no exception, and the unprecedented development in the sector has given rise to a number of options for the infrequent or occasional motorist.

The beauty of Cuvva is that you don't need to rent, or even own, a car to get on the road. You also avoid charges like mileage and membership fees which Car Clubs may impose. You just need a driving licence (full or provisional) issued by the DVLA, a smartphone, and the car owner's permission.

We understand how frustrating it is when difficulties with insurance mean that the dream road trip or long-overdue family visit can't go ahead. We believe that being in full-time education shouldn't force students to relinquish the benefits afforded to them by the freedom of the road.

The list of potential uses for Cuvva is practically endless. So, whether it be for borrowing a friend's car for a short trip, driving to an event, or simply the difference between making the notorious 9 am lecture and another blank page in the notebook; Cuvva is a flexible and affordable solution for short-term insurance. Whatever the reason, whenever the time, our services can help students get behind the wheel and stay in control of their insurance requirements and pricing, all from the comfort of a handy iOS or Android app.

Our ethos of "only pay for the risks you take" is reflected in our pricing structure. With short-term hourly rates starting from the equivalent cost of a cheeky Nandos, and subscription driving cover available for less than the average supermarket pizza, getting Cuvva'd is a no-brainer for students. This means there's plenty of extra time, energy and money available to dedicate towards the age-old elephant in the room, colloquially known as "actually studying".

The days of wading through cumbersome phone calls on premium rate lines, only to be denied because of a technicality, or left on a never-ending hold and quoted an unreasonable price for an unsuitable policy, are well and truly over.

I personally have spent hours on the phone seeking a week-long policy to cover a trip to the Highlands. It was a complete waste of time and the premium rate lines cost me a fortune. I ended up renting a car, at great expense, instead of borrowing my family car for the week. The trip was amazing, but traditional brokers were of no use to me whatsoever.

Alongside other FinTech innovators, we are working towards a future in which the power lies in the hands of the consumer, not in a complex web of unnecessary "middlemen", and where devolved autonomy takes precedence over outdated "traditional" systems which are frankly no longer fit for purpose.

At Cuvva we're working hard on transforming the way that car insurance is facilitated in the student sector, as well as the wider market. We are steering the car insurance industry towards a bright, customer-friendly future. Why not download the app and come with us?

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