Simplifying the process of purchasing insurance

Insurance has been stuck in its ways for too longs, and it's made things more complex for customers. Here's how we're fixing that.
By Team member, 16/11/2017
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We're always striving to work on improving the way we provide car insurance to our customers. This isn't always an easy task, as we're trying to simplify (as much as possible) an otherwise outdated and confusing insurance market to make it more understandable for everyone.

We think the insurance market has been stuck in its ways for a long time and so we're trying to offer something that challenges all that. Not just to throw a spanner in the works, but to make insurance an approachable service that offers more options suitable for real-world situations and actually fits around your lifestyle.

Efficient but fair

One of the main ways we are trying to make the process easier is by allowing our customers to get a quote while asking for as little information as possible. We want to make it a frictionless process without compromising on the information required to give a fair quote, allowing our customers to find out as quickly as possible whether our products are right for them - rather than asking people to fill out three pages of forms before they even get a price.

Getting car insurance is largely dominated by the price comparison websites. You enter 2-3 pages of information about yourself, the vehicle, past incidents and more before you are given a quote. It's a lot of data input for the hope of a good result (price) at the end.

We already simplify the process by being able to do things like verify identity with a selfie and a valid photo ID and pulling most of a person's information straight from the DVLA with just a few digits of their licence number. From this we can pull information like the length the licence has been held, points on the licence, and more. This enables us to provide more accurate quotes without extra effort from the customer. Most customers enter the majority of their details just once so getting quotes and buying cover is easier when they return.

Fine-tuning the experience

Recently we launched a new version of our app, which improves the design and flow of the app making it easier to use, updating profile information, and chatting with our awesome support team.

We've also tweaked how we ask our customers for vehicle photos. Previously we asked for a fresh photo each time a customer took out a policy with us, but this caused unnecessary frustration for some, because sometimes it's freezing cold outside, dark, and raining. ☔

Now, we only ask for a new vehicle photo once in awhile. That means our more regular customers can start a new policy quickly and easily. This change was something we had in the back of our minds to implement but it was the community who really told us they found it frustrating having to take a photo every time.

This all adds up to a better experience for every one of our customers, whether that's someone borrowing a friends car on our short-term cover, or getting an underlying policy on their second car with our subscription product.

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