Meet Ryan, our Head of Community

We sat down with Ryan, our Head of Community, to talk all things Cuvva
By Team member, 08/11/2017
2 minutes read

What do you do for Cuvva?

I work on the marketing team with Loren, our Head of Growth. It's a great role which has changed a lot since I started just over a year ago as an intern. Since then, Cuvva has grown significantly and I've had a chance to get involved in other areas too such as Customer Operations and feeding back information to the product team.

How did you get into this?

Before Cuvva, I was running my own businesses and projects in the realms of fitness and personal training. Last June I went on a short trip to Amsterdam to decide what I wanted to do next and I felt working with a team could be a fun new challenge. On that trip, I made the decision to join a startup and when I got back I applied for an internship in the marketing team at Cuvva. I applied on the day I got back, had my interview the next, and started soon thereafter. 🎉

Tell us something unexpected about you

Before joining Cuvva, I built an Instagram following of over 13,000 people as an online personal trainer and wrote my own book about making living a healthy lifestyle a reality.

What do you do for fun?

In my free time, I enjoy trying out a variety of different sports. I especially love periods of intense learning on new subjects that spark my interests. At the moment, that's climbing and learning the programming language Swift. Both are a lot harder than I originally thought, though!

What are you working on this week?

Getting feedback from our subscription customers. We launched our subscription product around six months ago and we're currently working on speaking to as many customers as possible to get their feedback on how we can continue to improve it. This week I'm putting a process in place and looking to start speaking directly to our users shortly.

Who do you work with the most?

I mainly work with Loren, Head of Growth, to strengthen our marketing efforts and bring Cuvva to a larger audience. I also work with Leo, Head of Customer Operations, as I like to try and stay involved with how users perceive Cuvva and make sure we live up to our mission statement. Probably as much to his annoyance, I also bug Andy, our COO, to try and absorb as much of his Excel and operational knowledge as possible.

What are you excited about working on in the next few months?

There's so much going on it's hard to say. One thing I'm particularly excited about is the future of our subscription product and how we can continue to improve it based on the great insights we get from our community.

What have you learned during your time at Cuvva?

I was very lucky to get involved in Cuvva at an early stage and be surrounded by very knowledgeable and passionate people. I've learnt a vast amount about marketing, time management, working as part of a team and the importance of company culture, especially as a young startup.

I think my biggest take away is just to listen more and be very inquisitive. It may sound obvious to some, but the amount you can learn just by listening deeply to other people's point of view and asking more questions, instead of trying to get people to understand you, is invaluable.

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