Pricing for learner drivers just got cheaper!

Our learner driver policies just got a lot cheaper. For some customers, the price will drop by 70%.
By Team member, 31/03/2017
1 minute read

In last week's rather short blog post we said that we have some exciting stuff in the pipeline. Now we're announcing some updates to our learner drivers product.

So what's changed?

The pricing for longer periods has decreased significantly if you want to get insured for a day or more your price should be reduced by 70%. However, some of our hourly pricing has increased and in some instances, it might more expensive than buying a day policy. We would advise that all learner drivers buy longer-term policies as this will be more cost effective.

In order to make these changes, our underwriter has restricted the variety of cars that you can get insured on. Going forward the max vehicle insurance group we can insure will be 20. Previously it was 50. Obviously, we would love to insure the widest possible selection of vehicles but at present feel it is more important to offer more competitive pricing.

Let us know what you think of the new changes via the in-app chat.

Team member