Fit for a Queen! How much would the Royal Family pay for their car insurance?

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Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been overtaken by Queen Liz’s Land Rover Defender on the M5. Nor have I ever never seen Prince Charles nipping out for a pint of milk in his Aston Martin.

But even though they don’t necessarily have to dash out for errands like we have to, the Royal Family owns their fair share of cars. And even though it might only be for cruising around with their palace besties or ferrying the lads back and forth from London to Windsor, the royals still need car insurance.

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How much would the Queen pay for car insurance?

Good question - it’s something we’ve all spent hours wondering (…right?).

Amazingly, our mega clever, data-loving Pricing Team at Cuvva agreed to indulge our whims and crunch the numbers to find out.

And, not only that, they also agreed to sift through the data to estimate how much other members of the Royal Family pay, too - plus one surprise bonus princess. 👀

Queen Elizabeth II - £529.04 annual premium

Woah, what a barg! Although, we have to admit, we made a couple of pretty bold assumptions to get this quote. For example we can’t be certain the Queen keeps her Land Rover in a garage… but we’ve never seen her park it on the street outside Buckingham Palace, so it’s an educated guess.

For just £529.04, Liz can cruise around the grounds knowing she’s getting an absolute steal. More cash for crown shopping!

How much insurance does the Queen pay?

Prince Charles - £1,786.20

This might seem like a lot to us lot, but considering the first-in-line’s Aston Martin is worth around £400k, he’s probably got £1786.20 lying around somewhere. Let’s be honest, he could probably find it in loose change in the sofa.

Prince William - £814.19

Being the Duke of Cambridge is busy work, which means Wills is behind the wheel as much as any other royal. Plus, with all those school runs, we imagine getting a cracking deal on his insurance is top of the agenda. Insuring his pricey Audi RS, estimated to be worth £110k, comes with an annual premium of £814.19.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge - £901.03

Kate’s royal engagements mean she’s behind the wheel of her 2022 Range Rover as much as the rest of them. Our cheeky Pricing team have made a couple more assumptions about where she’s parking this bad boy, but we trust there are plenty of garages in their four storey, 20-room mansion.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall - £510.90

Coming in with a shockingly good deal is Camilla with her Land Rover Discovery. Imagine the extra palaces you could buy when you only pay £510 annual premium!

Here’s some bonus stuff, for those of you looking for an insurance deep dive:

Queen Elizabeth II CEO / Head of State 96 Land Rover Defender £30,240 £529.04
Prince Charles COO / Prince of Wales / first-in-line 73 Aston Martin DB6 £400,000 £1,786.20
Prince William PR / Duke of Cambridge 39 Audi RS e-tron GT £110,950 £814.19
Kate Corporate Social Responsibility Lead / Duchess of Cambridge 40 2022 Range Rover £130,922 £901.03
Camilla Brand Ambassador / Duchess of Cornwall 74 Land Rover Discovery £50,000 £510.90
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Mia Thermopolis

Now for true royalty, with Mia Thermopolis. Or should we say, Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Grimaldi Renaldi, ✨Princess✨ of Genovia.

Alright, alright. She might not be an actual princess, in the literal real-person-who-exists sense. But the protagonist of The Princess Diaries is real to us, dammit! And our Pricing Team didn’t object, so here we are.

Now, as a high school student with a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible, it’s not a huge surprise that she’d rack up a pretty hefty annual premium. And that’s not even counting the fact she full-on crashed it into a full tram in the middle of San Francisco. With her car, Baby, estimated to cost a whopping £50,000, her annual premium comes in at £7,363.33! Ouch!

Just look at that space for parking!

But what about us commoners?

You don’t need to be royalty to afford car insurance. In fact, Cuvva has a policy for almost anyone, whether you’re after just an hour’s insurance or 28 days.

You can get a quick quote here in just a few minutes. Who needs a palace, eh?

Updated on 31st May 2022