James Bond’s car insurance bill REVEALED - plus five other action heroes

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James Bond's car insurance
From Lara Croft to Bruce Wayne
Mr Bean
Careful on the road!
The SORN Identity, and other insurance blockbusters

We’ve all been there: you’re speeding down a moonlit boulevard, locked in a life-or-death drag race with a cackling mob boss, as their gurning goons spray bullets everywhere but actually at you.

Tossing one-liners back and forth, you finally outmanoeuvre the baddie, cleverly nudging their rear wheel and sending them spinning helplessly into an ornate fountain. A piece of masonry bounces off a henchman’s head with a satisfying bonk. You’ve saved the world… but damaged your car, their car, and about half the city. Luckily, you’re insured! Even action heroes know about CIE.

James Bond’s car insurance

With the new James Bond film hitting cinemas this month, we’ve finally answered the question everyone is asking: how much does our favourite super-spy pay for his car insurance?

Given his penchant for high-speed chases (and crashes!), it should come as no surprise that 007 faces an eye-watering insurance bill of £80,575.72. This is 187 times higher than the average UK driver. Ouch!

The value of his car (his beloved Aston Martin), his job (smooth-talking spy), his postcode, and his incidents history (we’ve noted several ‘collisions’) has hiked his price dramatically.

Let’s hope M is picking up the bill…

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From Lara Croft to Bruce Wayne

We also looked at five other action heroes, from Lara Croft to Batman. It turns out saving the world isn’t cheap! Check out our table below for a full breakdown.

Name Age Job Car make/model Car value estimate Premium
James Bond 45 Spy Aston Martin DB10 £3m £80,575.72
Lara Croft 25 Archeologist / tomb raider V8 Defender (based on Landrover’s Defender 110) / Volvo XC40 £50k / £35k £1,578.63
Bruce Wayne AKA Batman 34 CEO Lamborghini Mercielago £292,134 £7,583.57
Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow 35 Spy / assassin Lada Niva Drive (SUV) / Harley-Davidson LiveWire / BMW X3 / BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe / Corvette Stingray £20k / £30k / £43k / £27k / £33k £1,472.74
Dominic Toretto (Fast and Furious) 40 Mechanic 1970 Dodge Charger R/T £21,910.05 £1,962.57
Dr Robert Neville (I Am Legend) 36 Military virologist 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500 SVT £10,000 £1,204.69

Mr Bean

Not all heroes wear capes! While saving the world is cool and all, sometimes it’s better to just scoot around in your green Mini with your beloved teddy bear. So, just for fun, we’ve also estimated the insurance premium for the people’s champion: Mr Bean.

His incident history is patchy, to say the least, with a run-in with a military tank particularly concerning. The 65-year-old also has a worrying penchant for bumping other cars out of parking spaces so he can fit in.

This means his premium comes out at £1,023 - more than double the average UK driver.

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Careful on the road!

Loren Gould, marketing director at Cuvva, has urged Bond and his action hero colleagues to drive safely - even if the fate of the planet is at stake.

He said: “We’re as excited as you for the release of the new James Bond film, and couldn’t resist seeing just how much it would cost to insure 007’s car.

“We’re not surprised that some of our best-loved action heroes pay £1,000s more for their car insurance. With all their collisions, severe traffic offences, car modifications and the jobs these action heroes hold, finding an insurer to cover them would be their greatest challenge yet.”

For all those whose job description doesn't cover 'spy', 'assassin' or 'action hero', Cuvva has you covered with our heroic flexible policies. It only takes a few minutes to get a quote.

The SORN Identity, and other insurance blockbusters

Here at Cuvva we love a pun, the cheesier the better. Just for fun, here’s a list of our 10 favourite action films:

  • The SORN Identity
  • Batman(‘s insurance policy) Begins
  • Mad Max: Fury Road Tax
  • Dr No Claims Bonus
  • The Dark Knight’s Rising Premium
  • Driving Licence to Kill
  • Star Wars: The Underwriter Strikes Back
  • The Spy Who Insured Me
  • Indiana Jones and the Tesla of Doom
  • CIE Another Day
Updated on 3rd April 2023