How to prove your no claims bonus

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Proving your NCB
NCB proof by insurer

Insurers have different ways of giving and accepting proof of no claims. We'll run through them with you below.

Three main ways to prove your no claims bonus

You can usually only get proof of your no claims bonus when your policy is up for renewal or if you've already cancelled.

Your insurer will give you this proof in one of three main ways:

  • Renewal notice (note: this isn't the case with Cuvva)
  • Cancellation documents
  • Confirmation letter

The first place to look is your renewal letter. It should include how much the new, renewed policy will be and how many years of no claims bonus you have.

If you've cancelled your insurance, your cancellation documents (usually) hold the answer to your no claims questions.

If neither of these have the details you need, you can ask your old insurer to send you the proof instead (they can't refuse your request). Give them a bell or look to see if there's a request form on their website.

Having the right details in your no claims bonus proof

Insurance companies need proof to ensure you're being truthful about how many years you've been claim-free. (Not that they don't trust you of course 😇)

Your no claims bonus proof needs to include details like your name, car registration number and the date your last policy expired. It may also need to be on an official company letterhead.

Different insurers ask for different information, so it's always a good idea to check what they'd like, before you go wasting any precious postage.

Don't lose your discount or cover by being late

There's usually a time limit for sending your no claims bonus proof - anything between 7- 28 days from the start of your new policy.

If you don't send your proof during this window, you could lose your discount and be forced to pay an admin fee.

You might end up paying a higher price than you were quoted originally, or your new insurer could cancel your policy, leaving you uninsured.

Send the right documents in the right way

Insurance companies accept proof in different formats. Some will let you send a copy by email, or even upload a photo to their website or app.

Others insist on original documents, sent by mail. If this is the case, make a copy for your own records before you post them off - and make sure they'll arrive before the window closes.

You should hear back from your new insurance company within a few days of them getting your proof. If you don't, follow up by phone to find out what's happened. You don't want to lose your discount (or your cover) because of a missing letter or misfired email!

Some insurance companies will contact your old insurer directly to ask for your no claims bonus proof, or they might check an insurance database to get it.

If they do this, they'll tell you first.

How different insurers accept no claims bonus proof

There's no industry standard sadly, so we've done a little digging to see what the main insurance companies ask for.

You're welcome 😉


Documents can be uploaded to their online customer portal and must be on official company paper. The proof needs to show the main driver's name, vehicle details, number of no claim discount years, and when the policy expired.

A no claims bonus can seriously reduce your premium
A no claims bonus can seriously reduce your premium


You can upload your renewal notice letter and no claims bonus proof through their online form. They'll want to see the main driver's details, details of your previous insurance policy and how many years of no claims you have.


Accepted forms of proof include a renewal quote from your previous insurer or a letter confirming your no claims discount. You can send it by post or email them a scan or photo, as long as it's clear and shows the whole document.

Direct Line

You can use your renewal notice or a letter confirming your no claims discount, as long as it has the following details: insurer's name, policy number, your name, policy expiry date and number of years of no claims discount. They accept copies or originals by post, email and through their online portal.


A renewal letter is usually proof enough if it includes your name as the policyholder, the number of years of no claims discount and the expiry date of your previous policy. You can email or fax it to them, or send the original document by post.

No claims bonus proof for named drivers

Some insurers will let named drivers build up a no claims discount on someone else's policy, but only apply it when the named driver takes out their own policy with the same company.

If this applies to you or a named driver on your insurance, chat to your insurer to find out how to transfer the no claims bonus, and what documents they need.

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Updated on 3rd April 2023