Insuring a Ford Fiesta - everything you need to know

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The perfect car for bargain-hunters
Cheapest and most expensive Fiestas to insure
Breaking down the costs
From vintage models to off-the-showroom-floor
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The humble Ford Fiesta might be a ‘supermini’, but it punches way above its weight and size. The Fiesta is the second most popular car in the UK (the Audi A6 is first) and the best-selling new car across all categories. Impressive!

The perfect car for bargain-hunters

Since launching in 1979, Ford has found a winning formula with this fun, no-frills ride that’s popular with drivers of all ages. And with so many Fiestas on UK roads, there are plenty of bargains to be found.

Ford Fiestas range from insurance group 2 to 31 (out of 50). Insurers use insurance groups to work out costs, with cars in low groups generally cheaper to insure than those in higher groups.

Don’t forget, you can type the registration number of any car into our free car insurance group checker to check its insurance group.

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Cheapest and most expensive Ford Fiestas to insure

First, here's a quick insurance groups explainer:

Some of the cheapest Fiestas to insure

  • Fiesta Style 1.1 Ti-VCT 3-door (2017 on) - Group 2
  • Fiesta 1.25 Studio 3-door (2011-12) - Group 3
  • Fiesta 1.1 Trend Ti-VCT 75 PS 3-door (2017 on) - Group 4
  • Fiesta 1.3 Finesse 3-door (2002-08) - Group 5
  • Fiesta 1.1 Zetec Ti-VCT 70PS 3-door - Group 5

Some of the most expensive Fiestas to insure

  • Fiesta 2.0 ST 3-door (05-08) - Group 26
  • Fiesta ST-1 1 EcoBoost.5T 200PS 3d (2018 on) - Group 28
  • Fiesta 1.8 RS 1800 3-door (89-97) - Group 30
  • Fiesta ST-2 1.6 EcoBoost 182 PS 5-door (08-17) - Group 30
  • Fiesta ST-200 1.6T EcoBoost 200PS 3-door (09-17) - Group 31
The Ford Fiesta can be surprisingly cheap to insure
The Ford Fiesta can be surprisingly cheap to insure>

Breaking down the costs

You are spoiled for choice if a Fiesta is on your wishlist, but the options can be head-spinning. Let’s break things down with some simple examples.

A relatively new 2018 Ford Fiesta Style 1.1 Ti-VCT 3-door could cost around £8,500, with insurance from £468 per year when paid upfront. This is based on a 35-year-old married woman who parks in a driveway overnight and has a £500 voluntary excess.

If you have a no claims bonus, you could pay less. If you’re seen as a riskier driver, you might pay a lot more.

An older, but more powerful, 2011 Ford Fiesta Studio 1.25 3-door costs as little as £2,500 to £3,000, with insurance coming in a little less, at £442.

A cheaper car does not always mean cheaper insurance, though. You can pick up a 2003 Fiesta Finesse 1.3 5-door for under £1000, but you’ll still pay around £440 to insure it.

Fiestas aren’t known for their power, but Ford has made a few sportier, pricier models through the years. A 2017 Fiesta ST-2 1.6 EcoBoost 5-door costs £12,825 with insurance starting from around £634 (for the same 35-year-old driver).

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From vintage models to off-the-showroom-floor

If a vintage Fiesta is what you’re after, a rare 1992 1.8 RS 1800 3-door will set you back £6,500. Vintage cars are usually more expensive to insure because they are harder to come by and more expensive to fix or replace. Insurance companies usually need to quote these kinds of cars directly, so always be aware of this when buying.

The latest generation Fiesta will be available in 2022, with prices for entry-level versions expected to start from £16,670. Ford has scrapped its diesel engine and the new Fiesta will come in a ‘mild hybrid’ EcoBoost engine, or a petrol version.

Ford’s EcoBoost engine boasts 20% faster acceleration and 10% more fuel efficiency - but if that’s still not enough, the sporty ST will be available with a 1.5 litre petrol engine (and a higher ticket price and insurance costs to match).

Bottom line? The Fiesta is hard to beat for value-for-money, choice, and cheap insurance. If you’re not a fan of parallel parking, or don’t need a lot of space, this supermini is an option worth considering, no matter your age.

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Updated on 3rd April 2023