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To cancel your car insurance with Aviva, you'll need to call them. You'll also need to pay a cancellation fee of £25.

Heads up, though: we AREN'T Aviva! We're Cuvva. While we can't cancel your policies with other companies ourselves, we can help you on your way with our nice explainer below - just make sure you contact the right company directly.

(Note: the information in this article was valid at the time of publication in April 2020. Always double-check with your insurer.)

Cancellation fees

When you cancel your car insurance with Aviva, you'll have to pay a cancellation of £25.

The rest of your policy will get refunded, if you've paid for the whole year up front, minus a fee for the time you've been insured.

Your cancellation fee will include Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

You don't have to pay a cancellation fee to cancel AvivaPlus.

How refunds work

When you cancel a car insurance policy, you'll usually have to pay a fee. The fee depends on the insurance company. It also depends on whether you're still in your cooling-off period.

You'll get the rest of your policy refunded, if you paid for the whole year up front. But Aviva will take away some of that refund to cover the insurance you've already had. They'll charge you a cancellation fee on top of this. It's pretty standard across most car insurance companies.

If you cancel AvivaPlus, you'll be refunded up to the end of the month.

We aren't Aviva, by the way! 👋
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Breakdown cover

You can get breakdown cover with Aviva through Aviva Rescue.

If you cancel it during your cooling-off period (which is the first 14 days of cover or 14 days from when you get your policy documents) you'll get a full refund.

Outside the cooling-off period:

If you've paid annually, you'll get a voucher for every full month on your policy. You can use this to buy more of Aviva's breakdown cover in future, as long as you spend it in the next five years. (It's this year's must-have gift.)

If you pay monthly, you'll be covered up to the end of the month.

Cancelling after you make a claim

Like most car insurance companies, Aviva won't give you any refund on your car insurance if you've made a claim. But you'll still have to pay a cancellation fee.

And if you pay monthly for your car insurance, you'll need to pay up for the rest of the policy when you cancel. Again, this is standard in insurance.

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How to cancel

To cancel your car insurance policy with Aviva, you can call them on 0345 030 6984. You can't cancel your Aviva car insurance online.

You can also email them. But it usually takes about 48 hours to get a response.

You can call Aviva:

  • 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday
  • 8am - 5pm, Saturday
  • 10am - 4pm, Sundays and bank holidays
You can cancel your Aviva car insurance easily
You can cancel your Aviva car insurance easily

The cooling-off period

By law, every car insurance policy comes with a cooling-off period. The cooling-off period is either 14 days from the day your policy starts, or 14 days from when you get your policy documents in the post.

Check your policy documents to find out when your cooling-off period starts and ends.

Whether you're in your cooling-off period or outside of it, your insurer will take away some money from your refund to cover the days of insurance you've already had.

How cooling-off periods work
A cooling-off period is a 14-day window you get to cancel your car insurance.


Aviva will automatically renew your car insurance unless you tell them you don't want to. To do that, you have to fill in a form to let them know you want your policy to lapse. Your price will often go up significantly if you auto-renew.

Letting your policy "lapse" (which means not renewing it) is not the same as cancelling your policy mid-way through.

Aviva will contact you 21 days before the policy renews to let you know:

  • That it's going to renew, and
  • How much it will cost when it does renew

If you renew, you'll start a new cooling-off period.

Get pay-monthly car insurance, without the cancellation fees

Cuvva's subscription car insurance, lets you pay monthly for a fully comprehensive policy.

You can stop your policy at anytime without paying a cancellation fee.

There's no deposit, no hidden admin fees (so you won't have to pay to make changes to your policy details), no interest on your monthly payments, and no hard credit checks.

Cancelling your Aviva car insurance can usually be done over the phone
Cancelling your Aviva car insurance can usually be done over the phone


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Updated on 25th August 2022