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You can cancel your car insurance with AA by phone, in writing or online. You'll need to pay a cancellation fee of £30, and you won't get your arrangement fee back.

Heads up, though: we AREN'T the AA! We're Cuvva. While we can't cancel your policies with other companies ourselves, we can help you on your way with our nice explainer below - just make sure you contact the right company directly.

(Note: the information in this article was valid at the time of publication in May 2020. Always double-check with your insurer.)

Cancellation fees

When you set up your car insurance with AA, you'll have to pay an arrangement fee of £28.

If you cancel your policy before it starts, you'll get a full refund of any payments you've made, and you'll get the arrangement fee back.

If you cancel during your 14-day cooling-off period, you'll get your payments refunded, minus some money for the time you've been insured. With AA, this is always a minimum of £15.

You won't get your arrangement fee back, either.

If you cancel after your 14-day cooling-off period, you'll also have to pay a cancellation fee of £30.

How refunds work

When you cancel a car insurance policy, you'll usually have to pay a fee. The fee depends on the insurance company. It also depends on whether you're still in your cooling-off period.

You'll get the rest of your policy refunded, if you paid for the whole year up front. But AA will take away some of that refund to cover the insurance you've already had. They'll charge you a cancellation fee on top of this. It's pretty standard across most car insurance companies.

We aren't the AA, by the way! 👋
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Breakdown cover

You can also get breakdown cover through AA.

If you cancel it during your cooling-off period (which is the first 14 days of cover or 14 days from when you get your policy documents) you'll get a full refund.

But if you took out breakdown cover at the time you needed to use it, you'll be charged a fee.

Outside the cooling-off period, things get a little more complex.

You won't get a refund when you cancel the breakdown cover. Unless it gets cancelled because the policyholder dies, or the policyholder can't drive anymore (permanently) because they got an injury or illness.

You can pay for breakdown cover with AA annually, quarterly or monthly.

However you choose to pay, your breakdown cover will automatically renew if you don't cancel it. But they'll always let you know before it renews.

If you pay monthly or quarterly, you can cancel your breakdown cover by giving AA 30 days' notice.

Cancelling after you make a claim

Like most car insurance companies, AA won't give you any refund on your car insurance if you've made a claim. But you'll still have to pay any cancellation fees.

And if you pay monthly for your car insurance, you'll need to pay up for the rest of the policy when you cancel. Again, this is standard in insurance.

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How to cancel

To cancel your car insurance policy with AA, call them on 0370 160 0138.

Their phone lines are open between 9 and 6 on weekdays, and they're closed at the weekend.

You can also be all old school about it and write to them at AA Insurance Services, PO Box 2AA, Newcastle NE99 2AA.

If you want to cancel online, you can do so through MyAA.

You can cancel your AA car insurance easily
Cancelling your AA car insurance can usually be done over the phone

The cooling-off period

Most annual car insurance policies have a cooling-off period, where you can cancel and get a refund.

The cooling-off period is usually either 14 days from the day your policy starts, or 14 days from when you get your policy documents in the post — but you should check your policy documents to be sure.

Even if you cancel within the cooling-off period, your insurer will still take away some money from your refund to cover the days of insurance you've already had.

How cooling-off periods work
A cooling-off period is a 14-day window you get to cancel your car insurance.


Once you've been insured with them for a year, the AA will automatically renew your car insurance unless you tell them you don't want to.

Your price will often go up significantly when you auto-renew — this is known as dual pricing, and a lot of insurers do it (we don't think it's very fair, though).

The AA will contact you 21 days before your policy ends, to let you know that your insurance will auto-renew, and to give you your new price.

If you don't want to auto-renew, this is your chance to let them know that you'd like to switch instead.

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You can cancel your AA car insurance easily
You can cancel your AA car insurance easily


AA car insurance policy booklet (PDF)

AA breakdown cover policy booklet (PDF)

AA: contact us

Updated on 30th March 2023