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The quicker and smarter way to buy learner driver insurance

Flexible policies

Choose from hours, days or weeks, up to 28 days.

One tap extensions

Extend a policy for as little as 30 minutes in one tap.

Peace of mind

Your policy documents are stored in the app and emailed to you.

Policies start instantly

No need to wait around or book in advance.

Learner insurance on your car

Get more hours of driving experience in between driving lessons on your own car

Learner insurance on someone else’s car

By purchasing your own temporary learner insurance policy you’ll be helping to protect the car owner’s no-claims bonus.

How does learner driver insurance work?

If you have a UK provisional driving licence and are looking to get some extra hours of driving time before taking your driving test – Cuvva can help. The main difference between learner driver insurance and temporary car insurance is that you must be a learner driver (and hold a provisional driving licence) and have someone else in the car with you, supervising your driving.

How quick is it to get learner driver insurance in the app?

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Enter the
registration plate

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your profile

30 seconds

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your policy

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Start driving

Learner driver insurance rules

need supervisor

You must hold a provisional driving licence

It probably goes without saying but you must not of passed your test and have a UK provisional driving licence.

need supervisor

You must be accompanied by a supervisor

The supervisor must be a person aged over 21, who has held their full driving licence for at least 3 years.

need supervisor

L plates (or D plates in Wales)

You must place them on the front and rear of the vehicle you are driving.

Tips for learner drivers

Best cars for cheap insurance

As a new driver the cost of purchasing learner driver car insurance can be the biggest single cost when getting a car on the road. This is because statistically speaking, learner drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident. One large factor in how much a car costs to insure is the vehicle’s insurance group – these are typically rated from 1 to 50. The lower that rating, the cheaper your car insurance is likely to be.

How many hours does it take to pass your driving test?

There isn’t a minimum number of hours of driving experience required in order to pass your driving test. However, according to the DVSA it takes the average person 45 hours of lessons plus 22 hours of practise outside of those lessons.

How much does it cost to pass your driving test?

This depends on a number of factors such as how much you are paying per hour for an instructor, how many hours’ driving you do in someone else’s car and how much it costs to take the driving test(s)! We have estimated average costs for the following:

  • Driving lessons: £24 an hour
  • Theory test: £23 a test
  • Practical test: £60
  • Learner driver insurance: £11 an hour

Assuming you pass your tests the first time and the average person takes 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours of practising outside of their lessons. That equals a total of £1,405.

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What our customers love


What a fantastic app and company to use. Cuvva have made something that used to use up a fair amount of time and effort into something so simple! Once set up on the app it actually takes 30 seconds to be insured!


Easy to use and gives peace of mind. My husband could borrow my friend’s car for a couple of hours work – no hassle whatsoever.


The whole concept behind Cuvva changes the rules on car insurance and creates a genuinely useful and innovative way to think about driving. I would recommend the app without any hesitation.