Learner driver insurance

Keen on some practice outside your driving lessons?
A flexible learner driver insurance policy could be an easier and cheaper way to get extra practice in your own car, a friend's or a parent's.
Drive in under 5 minutes
Protect the owner's No Claims Discount
Manage it all easily in the app
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Practice for a driving test with learner driver insurance

Provisional licence holders aged 17 to 40 can get learner car insurance in under 5 minutes. They'll get fully comprehensive cover, the highest category of driver insurance available, including coverage for damage to the car, other people’s cars or property, personal injury claims and much more.
If you borrow a car, the owner's insurance policy won’t be affected in case of an incident, and their no claims bonus will be safe. Learner insurance is bought in increments of 1 hour - it’s the ultimate in flexibility. You can extend whenever you need on the app, and you don’t need to commit in advance.

Affordable, flexible learner driver insurance with Cuvva:

Only pay for what you need
Hourly learner driver insurance
Drive up to 6 hours in a day, from 9am to 8pm
Instantly extend your cover in the app if you need more time
Fast and fully comprehensive
Hassle and worry free
Sign up in the app or online and get driving in under 5 minutes
All your policy documents are sent instantly to your phone
Faster than being added as a named driver
The highest category of coverage including damage to your vehicle, other vehicles, personal injury claims and much more
Better for supervisors
Peace of mind
No risk to the supervisor’s no claims discount in case of an incident
No need to call the insurer or add the learner as a named driver
The provisional licence holder covers the cost

Learner driver insurance can be much cheaper

When comparing being added as named driver to Temporary learner driver insurance, it can work out much cheaper - possibly more than £2,000 cheaper. For example, adding an 19-year-old man in Cardiff to his parent's Vauxhall Astra Active policy could cost an additional £2,132. Getting Temporary learner driver insurance for his DVSA recommended 20 hours of practice (outside of lessons) with Cuvva instead could cost him just £223.
Research undertaken in September 2022.
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Learner driver eligibility and supervisor rules

Who it’s suitable for
Provisional licence holders aged 17-40
Those who have held their provisional licence for less than 5 years
GB licence holders (that means issued in England, Scotland, or Wales)
Vehicle requirements
Your car must be in insurance group 20 or lower
You can drive your own car
You can borrow someone else's
We allow most modifications, including for disabilities
Only cars are allowed - so we can't cover motorbikes, vans or taxis
Your supervisor will need to
Be over 25 years old
Be qualified to drive the type of car you’re learning in (for example, someone with an automatic licence can only supervise someone in an automatic car)

Do learner drivers need their own insurance?

If you’re getting lessons from a private instructor or a driving school, insurance is usually included. This is mandated by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency and the instructor has to cover the cost.
However, if you’re getting behind the wheel to practice in a car outside your usual lessons, you’ll need to get your own learner driver insurance, or get added to the car owner’s policy as a named driver.
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What is the cost of learner driver insurance?

It varies by driver and car, but here’s an example of how much the average provisional licence holder pays for their learner insurance:
• £14.22 for 1 hour
• £18.10 for 3 hours
• £21.57 for 6 hours
These are the average prices that Cuvva’s drivers pay as of January 2023.
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Provisional licence insurance coverage

With Cuvva, you’ll get fully comprehensive cover with your learner insurance including:
• Damage to the car you’re driving up to £40k
• Damage to third party property up to £2m
• Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident
• Attempted theft, theft and fire damage
• Taking your driving test in your own or someone else’s car
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Learning to drive - some useful guides

The easiest and hardest places to pass your test
We've crunched the numbers and found the driving test centres with the highest and lowest pass rates. There's a huge difference, so do your research!
The benefits and limitations of being a ‘named driver’
Getting added as a learner driver to a parent’s insurance? Here's everything to keep in mind about being a named driver.
Driving test checklist
It’s time to build up that pre-test confidence. Use our driving test checklist to get familiar with what to expect on the day, and what to do if you pass or fail. Don’t worry if you fail. Around half of us fail first time!

How to get learner driver insurance fast

Get insurance for learner drivers in less than 5 minutes.
Get a quote
It just takes a few clicks or taps on the app
Find the car
Enter the registration plate
Check your cover and pay
Get provisional licence insurance from 1 hour
Extend whenever you need
If you need more time than you thought

Why Cuvva is faster and easier

The future of car insurance is here
Notification reminders
Know when your policy is ending
Apple Pay and Google Pay support
For fast, secure payments
Licence scanner
Get your Temporary insurance set up at the speed of camera
World beating customer service
Get an average 1 minute human response in the app

Provisional licence insurance common questions

Can I drive on a provisional licence without a qualified driver?
  • It is against UK law to drive alone or without a qualified driver if you’re a learner. Always have a qualified driver with you so that your licence stays clean and your car doesn’t get impounded! With Cuvva, your supervisor must be over 25 and have held their full licence for five years – though this doesn’t have to be a UK licence.

The expert's view

Adam Kent, Cuvva's Senior Underwriting Lead and Insurance Expert, said: ‘There are a few key benefits of taking out learner driver insurance on your parent's car rather than becoming a named driver. It can be much cheaper, you can practice without having to worry about your parents' no claims bonus, and if your lesson overruns you can extend it with a quick tap of your phone.’
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Driving test useful guides

Can you use your own car for your driving test?
Yes you can. There are some standards and requirements, however, so make sure you don't get turned away at the test centre.
What your driving test examiner will be looking for
Here’s everything you need to know about the big day, from how to prepare your car to how much conversation to expect.
How long it takes to learn to drive
The DVSA says it takes most people 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours of practising. We've broken down the different parts of what can be a long and confusing process.
The cost of learning to drive
Learning to drive can be expensive, so we've crunched the costs for a pricing breakdown. It all starts with an application for your licence, which costs between £34-43.
10 reasons people fail a driving test
Don't fall into the trap of making one of the 10 most common driving test mistakes! Here's the hall of shame.
Can you drive with a provisional licence?
Yes, you can learn to drive with a provisional driving licence. There are some exceptions, but you must be 17 to actually take the test. Here's how it all works.

Any questions?

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Learning to drive common questions

What is the average number of lessons a learner driver needs before passing their test?
  • The Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) says it takes learner drivers about 44 hours of driving lessons to pass their test.
  • Everyone’s different though! You might pass your test after less, or it might take you longer.