Black box insurance without the box

Love cheaper car insurance? Hate black boxes? Get this: so do we. That's why we've created Smart Pricing, a way to save money based on your driving without relying on black boxes and their nasty fees.
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Cheaper insurance for good drivers

If you’re trawling through black box insurance quotes, looking for flexible options or are a young driver hoping to save money, Smart Pricing could save you up to a third.
With Smart Pricing, your monthly premium is based on how well you drive. But unlike a lot of telematics policies that restrict drivers trying to save money, it comes without any installation costs, deposits, cancellation fees, or curfews. You don’t like that stuff and neither do we.
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saving 17 pounds on insurance this month

Introducing Smart Pricing

Month by month insurance where the better you drive, the less you pay.
Your own fully comprehensive policy
Without nasty deposit fees or tie-ins. And you’ll still be able to earn a no claims bonus in the usual way. You can manage it all 9am to 9pm in the app.
Rolling monthly subscription
Not sure how long you need to be insured? Don't worry. With Cuvva you aren't locked into any annual contracts, and there aren't any cancellation fees.
Good drivers can save up to a third
No black box required. All you need to do is activate your phone’s permissions. Easy! In exchange, you get a personalised driving score, which could give you insurance discounts of up to a third.

What is black box insurance?
  • Traditional black boxes are clunky pieces of hardware that often must be fitted to your car by an engineer. It tracks you on the road to see how safely you’re driving. They are often popular with young drivers hoping to reduce pricey car bills.
  • Unfortunately, driving with a black box comes with lots of restrictions and unexpected costs. Getting them set up takes time and can be expensive. Some insurance providers penalise drivers by reducing their discounts if they exceed a driving mileage limit or hit the road late at night.
  • There can also be fees for installing and removing the boxes, and for signing up to or cancelling the policies. Some insurers require engineers to install their black boxes - with penalty charges if you decide to change or cancel your appointment.
  • Black boxes are often literal boxes fitted behind the dashboard. However, some black box car insurance providers use a ‘plug-and-drive’ device, which fits into your car’s lighter socket, or an on-board device, which goes in the OBD port. These usually don’t require an engineer to install them.

How to get Smart Pricing

The hassle free alternative to black box insurance. Get a quote or download the app.
Download the app
It just takes a few clicks to get started, and it's free.
Drive 125 miles
Start driving to get your score.
Get your Smart Pricing discount
Alongside tips to help improve your driving.

Fully comprehensive. And then some

Here's what you're covered for with our monthly subscription.
You and your stuff
Accident, theft, attempted theft, or fire
Loss or damage cover for permanently fitted audio equipment
£100 for your stuff
Personal accident benefits
Other people
Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident
Third party property damage up to £20m and £5m for associated legal costs and expenses
60 days of comprehensive cover in Europe (and minimum third-party cover after that)
Damage to the car
£40,000 maximum payout
Windscreen replacement
Adjustable excess
Replacement locks up to £400

Common Smart Pricing questions
How is my driving monitored without black box technology?
  • It’s nice and simple. Your phone’s motion sensors and machine learning helps us understand your driving behaviour. Your speed, braking, cornering, acceleration and focus on the road gives us your unique driving DNA.

You’ll get 10% off as soon as you sign up

Smart Pricing pulls all your driving DNA together to give you a driving score out of 100. We need you to drive 125 miles to make sure your score is reliable - but to tide you over, we'll give you 10% off as soon as you sign up. Even better, there are no joining fees or deposits, either.
Just keep in mind, if your score is low, your insurance price could go up or stop you from using Cuvva.
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Even the experts agree

Adam Kent, Cuvva’s Senior Underwriting Lead and Insurance Expert, said: 'Black box insurance is outdated, inconvenient and restrictive. Insurers who offer it claim to reward good drivers but they can also limit when and how we hit the road. Smart Pricing puts the driver back in control, with no nasty sign-up fees, curfews or clunky equipment. It’s telematics insurance without the headache.'
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Have questions?

What phone permissions do we need?
See our guide on how we keep your information secure and private.
How Smart Pricing works
Manage it all from your app. Here’s how to sign up, use it and cancel.
Will it drain my battery?
Smart Pricing usually uses less than 1% of your battery. Here's the nitty gritty.

Watch how Driving Scores are calculated

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Any questions?

Forget automated replies and chatbots! Our customer support team is made up of real people - get a response in minutes. We’re on hand between 9am to 9pm every single day. Let’s have a chat.
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FAQs on Smart Pricing and Black Box Insurance

Do you need to pay to get your Cuvva driving score?
  • No - it’s all free! Just activate the ‘insights’ tab in the app and start driving. You’ll get your personalised driving score within 125 miles.