Customer service at our core

What makes us different

We offer, on average, a one minute response time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t take holidays either and our dedicated Customer Operations team is available to chat 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s not just about speed though – we ensure users are assisted, assured and informed in order to confidently use the app. How do we know our users are satisfied? Every day, 80%+ of user feedback indicates they are either very or extremely satisfied.

Why only online?

By providing solely online support, we can access your account details in seconds. We then don’t need to confirm every last detail and can immediately see the quotes you have generated, the policies you have purchased and even the date you signed up with us. With all this knowledge, we can provide you with a swift and informed explanation for any questions you have. We want to maintain this swift resolution of customer queries and doing so online is undoubtedly the quickest approach. Have you ever tried to allow a friend to borrow your car by adding them to your current insurance policy? It’s not uncommon to be transferred between departments, to be put on hold and then to complete a lengthy verification process before even providing any details of the additional driver. By contacting us in-app or by email, we can assist and resolve issues in minutes without any unnecessary delays.

Why we care

The whole reason Cuvva was launched was with the intention of providing drivers with the ability to have flexibility and to save money. It is, therefore, extremely important to us that our users are able to utilise what’s on offer in full. Customers are the beating heart of our business. By better understanding what our customers find challenging or their frustrations when they can’t get insured, we can make better, more informed decisions about how the product can be improved. Even if it is just listening to any suggestions they might have, we take all feedback seriously. This is why the whole company are trained to assist with customer support. From the marketing team, to the engineers, to the CEO, everyone interacts with customers on a regular basis. We strongly believe that this provides everyone with the opportunity to make decisions with the customer in mind.

Your feedback

Not only is the team there to assist you, you can always help us! Any feedback, be it product-related, insurance specific or even ideas for the future, we’re open to it all. The best way to put suggestions forward is by contacting the support team in-app, by email, or through Twitter and Facebook.