Why Cuvva

We created Cuvva in reaction to our own poor experiences dealing with insurance companies – too often very slow and painful. We weren’t insurance guys at the time, but we did know a lot about tech. We believed we could build a far better and much smarter experience for customers putting them in control, cutting out the middleman and most importantly, saving money. 

Since our launch in 2016, we’ve sold millions of hours of car insurance policies. Additionally, we’ve brought out our subscription product, added in Van insurance and we’ve just launched our short-term Taxi & Private Hire insurance too. It’s early days and we’re not afraid to try new things if that means a better experience for customers.

We are very proud of our Customer Operations team, who work tirelessly to help you get insurance quickly and efficiently on our iOS and Android apps. All feedback is welcomed and very much encouraged in order that we can continue launching products that our customers love using.

Customer service at our core

Any questions? We’re here to help.