Reduce build times
Keeping up with best in class security
Developer Experience
Design Systems

Consistency is key
Small PR’s make everyone smile
Important changes should be made as a team
Internal products should be treated with as much care as external products
Code that explains itself is better than comments

Web Engineering Lead
Finding a way to fit a Taylor Swift reference into any project
One liner
I think you could use a reduce here
What has been the biggest technical challenge for you at Cuvva?
A super collaborative team, working together to solve some incredibly challenging but fun problems to make insurance less shit. (I suck at writing)
Web Engineer
Can come up with tons of eslint proposals
One liner
I've almost finished the Typography PR
What has been the biggest technical challenge for you at Cuvva?
Switching to TypeScript while upgrading the existing codebase and still moving forward with product work & a growing team.
Web Engineer
I speak very loud.
One liner
‘I will look into it
How did you get into Frontend Engineering?
I took a Computer Science course in my second year in University, while studying Microbiology, and fell in love. I decided to pursue it more after that, so I taught myself to code. I found Frontend engineering interesting and took a deep dive.
Web Engineer
I make some of the best noodles in town
One liner
Shee you understand? Oya chill
What attracted you to joining Cuvva?
The industry Cuvva plays in and the uniqueness of the product. The CTO journey through tech was interesting and I looked forward to working with him at the time.
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