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Working with Kotlin, Jetpack Compose and MVI to make getting a fair deal on insurance easier.

Projects and Goals

What we’re working towards as a team:

Reduce build times
Reduce our build times by migrating away from KAPT and adopting Anvil
Feature parity
Reaching feature parity with our iOS counterparts. We’re over halfway there!
Test automation
Invest in test automation so that we can verify the behaviour of entire sections or customer flows
Convert Java to Kotlin
Converting the last of our Java files to Kotlin - we’re at 92% Kotlin but there’s more to do
Migrating networking stack
Migrating away from our legacy networking stack and onto our coroutine + result monad-based architecture
Open-sourcing our MVI View architecture in Q4
Investing in templating
Investing further into code generation and templating to reduce the amount of boilerplate that building a new feature requires - this includes modules, REST APIs and more

Engineering Principles

Our guiding principles as a team

We write code that never decreases our velocity
We think about the long-term impact of our decisions
It’s worth investing time now for return on investment later
We write small, focused, reusable components
We automate the creation of boilerplate and other tedious tasks
We write code that’s easy to maintain by avoiding over-engineering
We write code that is provably correct by taking advantage of the type system and writing thorough tests
We avoid creating technical debt and tackle it when we find it

Meet the team

Pablo A
Android Engineer
Superhuman ability to break stuff and put it back to normal.
One liner
Can we use codegen for that?
What has been the biggest technical challenge for you at Cuvva?
Working with early stage tools. It’s very rewarding to be on the bleeding edge, but can backfire sometimes.
Android Engineer
Persuading my teammates to do things that add little to no value.
One liner
Does this add any value?
What attracted you to joining Cuvva?
Growing through a great user experience instead of aggressive marketing campaigns.
Pablo C
Android Engineer
I speak very loud.
One liner
Should this be a design component?
What have you used your professional development allowance for at Cuvva?
Attending conferences around the world!
Lead Android Engineer
I can say "it depends" in many different ways.
One liner
Scoping out upcoming work, investigating new technologies, tweaking CI and tweeting too often.
What has been the biggest technical challenge for you at Cuvva?
The team was given a blank slate to start again and think hard about what we wanted the team to achieve, how to do it, what our values were - there’s very few times in your career where you get to help shape a team like that, and it was too good an opportunity to turn down. I’m hugely proud of what we’ve achieved in that time and where the team is now.
Android Engineer
Take a problem, over-engineer the solution, get bored in the process, hack it and move on to the next problem.
One liner
Guys we need to refactor the legacy code and I don’t think this should go into production.
How did you get into Android development?
Started mobile development in 2010 and picked up Android after a brief stint with Symbian. I have worked in Phonegap/Cordova, Xamarin and iOS, however Android has always been my first love and I returned to it in 2019 when I joined Cuvva.
Android Engineer
Solving simple problems with complex solutions.
One liner
The answer is traverse.
What is your favourite part of being an engineer at Cuvva?
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