Keep a lookout on the tube...

Our very first tube ad campaign is going live! Keep your eyes peeled.
By Team member, 28/09/2017
1 minute read

This week our tube campaign goes live! 🚆

For the next month, you can find Cuvva ads placed across lots of London underground stations. This is a major milestone for us, given that we established ourselves as a small fintech start-up and in just two years we've been able to launch a tube campaign. 😮

There are three different creatives. Below is a quick sneak peek. 👀 This is our first tube campaign and we hope that you love it as much as we do! 😊

We've been working hard on getting the creatives right so being able to officially share these with our users is a big moment. 🎊

Let us know what you think of the ads, and please feel free to share on your social media!

Team member