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Cuvva has launched a new monthly subscription car insurance policy to help drivers get comprehensive cover.

Millions of drivers struggle to find affordable car insurance or are priced out of car ownership altogether.

Our policies offer flexible monthly payments without added interest or cancellation fees, to help make insurance fairer and more affordable.

We’re on a mission to make insurance radically better! So, we’re rewriting the rules for car insurance to help drivers get a fair price.

Let’s take a look at how Cuvva’s monthly subscription car insurance works and how it could help you save money.

What is Cuvva monthly subscription car insurance?

Cuvva’s monthly subscription car insurance offers a flexible alternative to traditional annual policies.

It works just like Netflix and Spotify with rolling monthly policies that last up to a month.

You can set up your policy within the Cuvva app and pay for insurance on a monthly basis.

We’re on a mission to make insurance radically better and have banished unnecessary fees which can make car insurance more expensive.

Get interest-free, comprehensive car insurance without cancellation fees

Cuvva’s monthly subscription policies are flexible without unnecessary fees. We offer:

Interest-free monthly payments

Cuvva’s subscription insurance lets you pay monthly for a policy with no added interest.

With traditional car insurance, you’ll usually have to pay everything upfront or split the cost into monthly instalments (which is like taking out a loan).

Some insurance companies charge as much as 44% APR if you choose to pay monthly, which can add hundreds of pounds to your policy price.

We don’t think that’s fair and have banished interest from our policies altogether. 🚫

No cancellation fees

We understand that things change and you might not need insurance all year round, for example, if you sell your car.

That’s why we don’t charge any cancellation fees if you need to end your policy.

Everything is managed within the Cuvva app so you won’t have to spend lots of time in long hold telephone queues.

Comprehensive cover

Our pay-monthly policies offer comprehensive insurance, which is the highest level of cover you can get.

We include cover for things like accidents, car theft and driving abroad.

You can also build a no-claims bonus for every full year of insurance you don’t make a claim.

How to get a Cuvva monthly subscription car insurance policy

First, you’ll need to get a quote for Cuvva monthly subscription car insurance, which only takes a few minutes.

We’ll ask for a few details about the car such as its value and its estimated annual mileage.

You’ll also need to tell us a few personal details like your age and job title.

Once you have a quote we’ll send you a link to download the Cuvva app where you can set up your policy.

(Only the driver can buy a policy so they’ll need to set everything up!)

Our customer support team is available 24/7 if you have any questions or need help. 🙂

CTA: Find out everything you need to know about getting a monthly subscription car insurance policy with Cuvva.

Use Smart Pricing to save on car insurance

We’re working on a new feature called Smart Pricing to help you get a fairer quote.

Usually, insurance companies look at things like your age and where you live to work out how much you should pay for insurance.

We think your car policy should be based on how you drive rather than assumptions based on your personal details.

Our new Smart Pricing feature uses sensors in your phone to measure how well you drive.

We’ll give you a driving score out of 100 which is based on: Speed: how fast you accelerate and whether you stick to speed limits. Braking: how quickly you stop and if you give yourself enough time to slow down safely. Corners: how smoothly you turn and whether you give other drivers enough indication.

The higher your driving score, the cheaper your insurance could be. The safest drivers could save up to a third on their policy.

Right now, iOS users can join the waitlist and be one of the first to see how Smart Pricing affects the cost of their policy.

All you have to do is turn on your motion and location permissions and the app will look at your driving habits while you’re on the waitlist.

You’ll get your Smart Price as soon as it launches 🎉

Android users will be able to join the waitlist very soon too!

Check out our Smart Pricing FAQs for more details about how it works.

Updated on 4th May 2021