Valentine's Day road trips: top romantic destinations near London

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Valentine's Day
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Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day… a phrase usually followed by a unified groan. But love it or hate it, it comes around every year and the amount of advertising and pressure only seems to intensify.

It can be a really stressful time of the year, whether you’re choosing to celebrate or not. It often feels like you’re overloaded with the pressure of finding a perfect gift that’s thoughtful, personal and special - but doesn’t break the bank.

So how do you find something that ticks all the boxes when everyone seems to be offering the same thing? That’s where you can rely on days out and experiences! Days out are perfect for making memories, seeing somewhere new and escaping the city for a few hours.

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Our gift ideas

We’ve compiled a list of the perfect days out for every sort of person. Whether they’re into animals, racing cars or just like a stroll in the countryside.

The biggest barrier to these places is the lack of public transport. Wouldn’t it be great to just jump in your mate’s car and take your Valentine somewhere special and thoughtful?

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For the animal lover

Cuddle a meerkat

Who doesn’t love a meerkat? 🐾 These fuzzy little creatures have scurried their way into our hearts through classic Disney animations to anthropomorphic Russian aristocrats.

Now you can get up close with these furry dudes and even let them climb on your lap!

Meerkat Encounters at BCA Zoo - driving time from London: 1 hour

For the adventurer

Lose yourself for the day

Get your blood pumping with the range of different activities available at Stubbers. While it’s not your typical Valentine’s Day gift, it’s perfect for those who love adventure, action and getting their hands a bit dirty! Choose from high action, water sports or even caving!

Stubbers - driving time from London: 1 hour

Try something new this Valentine's Day
Try something new this Valentine's Day

For the film geek

One for the Potter heads

If your Valentine knows their patronum from their horcruxes then the Warner Bros Studios is the perfect day out. With real life costumes from the films, a flying broomstick experience and even butterbeer it’s a great place to make memories (as well as endless selfie opportunities)

Warner Bros Studio Tour - driving time from London: 1 hour

For the petrol head

Put your foot down in an F1 car!

Experience the full F1 lifestyle and try out some of the fastest cars in the world. Not into speed? No worries, you can also try out famous cars from the movies. There’s something for every sort of motor fanatic at Bovington, with a range of prices to choose from too.

Bovington - driving time from London: 1 hour

Activity days make great Valentine's Day presents
Activity days make great Valentine's Day presents

For the nature lover

Escape to the countryside

OK, so this is a little over an hour, but we couldn’t leave it out. Experience the slower way of life less than an hour and a half from London.

The Chilterns is home to a variety of walks, hikes and beauty spots. Challenge yourself to the 10 mile Chess Valley Walk, or lounge around at Hyde Heath Common and enjoy the surroundings.

The Chilterns also boasts a rich history, and you can learn about the local myths and folklore during your visit.

The Chilterns - driving time from London: 1 hour 25 minutes

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Updated on 3rd April 2023