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Car insurance can be seriously expensive. Especially if you're a young driver, or if you've just got your licence.

It’s easy to find a cheap first car, but the total cost of getting on the road can really add up - the average yearly price for car insurance is around £470.

For younger or newer drivers, premiums can be much higher. And on top of that, most insurers will charge you interest if you want to pay monthly.

Not to worry, though - if you’re a new driver in the UK and you’re wondering what car to buy, we've gone through Google data to find the 10 most popular cars that are both cheap to buy and insure.

What makes a car cheap to insure?

Insurers look at a few different things when working out the cost of a car insurance policy. But one of the most important factors is the vehicle’s insurance group.

A car’s engine size is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about insurance groups. Speed and performance are important, but they’re not the only factors. Insurance groups are also based on the car’s value, safety features, and how easy it is to repair.

That’s why most of the low insurance group cars on our list have smaller engines, but not all 1 litre cars are in the lowest insurance groups.

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Our top-10 list of cheap cars to insure

Drumroll please! Introducing, our 10 best cheap cars to insure… 🥁

10) Skoda Fabia

We’re kicking off with the Skoda Fabia. This compact city car makes up for what it lacks in style by being one of the more reliable small cars around.

It’s easy to drive, and newer models come with handy features such as auto emergency braking.

If you’re buying new, you can get hold of an entry level model for around £15,000. But a used version from 2011 will only set you back around £2,700.

9) Toyota Yaris

Next up is the Toyota Yaris. It’s one of the most expensive new cars on the list, starting at around £19,000. But if you don’t mind buying second hand, you’ll be looking at around £2,600 for a 2011 model.

The Yaris is very practical for its size - and Toyota is known for producing reliable cars.

But it’s not the most comfortable ride, especially at higher speeds. You’d also be forgiven for expecting a bit more equipment in standard models.

8) Smart fortwo pure

The ultimate city car - famous for its tiny proportions, iconic exterior, and, importantly, having no back seats. So it’s not the best choice for those who carry passengers on a regular basis.

But it performs well around town, the fuel economy is great, and you don’t need to pay vehicle tax with a smart.

You can get hold of a 10 year old Smart for around £2,150. But be sure to check the condition of the car you’re buying - some of the older models can be prone to engine problems.

There's no better feeling than finding that perfect deal />

<figcaption align = There's no better feeling than finding that perfect deal

7) Ford KA

The 2011 version of the KA is much better looking than older versions - it’s probably one of the most stylish superminis around! Sadly, its latest facelift is a bit more on the bland side. But both models have decent space for a smaller car, and it’s very affordable for first time drivers.

It’s not the most comfortable car though - especially on the motorway. And while there’s decent space for drivers and passengers, the KA only has four seats.

6) Vauxhall Corsa

It’s no surprise the Vauxhall Corsa is the most popular car on our list. It’s a classic first car for new drivers - and one of the most well known small cars.

It’s also one of the safest superminis around. And, unlike most of its competitors, has enough space for a small family to use it as their main car.

You can get a new Corsa for around £17,000. But be sure to negotiate - you can get great discounts in the Vauxhall showroom.

And if you’re on a budget, you can get a second hand 2011 Corsa for around £1,870.

5) Toyota Aygo/Peugeot 107/Citroen C1

The Aygo, 107, and C1 are basically the same car. They all share an engine and look almost identical. They have similar prices too - with new models priced around £13,000, and used cars from 10 years ago coming in between £1,500 and £1,750.

They’re affordable first cars, and they’re great for driving around town. But the equipment on entry level models is quite basic, boot space is limited, and their 1 litre engines aren’t best suited for motorway driving.

Don’t let that put you off, though. They’re easy to drive, performing well in small spaces and start-stop traffic. And most importantly, they’re cheap to buy and insure.

4) Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet have sadly stopped producing the Spark - so you can't buy a new one anymore. But if you’re looking for a decent used car, the 2011 Spark is great value, costing only £1,200 on average.

The Spark is surprisingly spacious for a car of its size, and it’s one of the most economical cars for first time drivers.

But, as expected with smaller cars, it can be a bit underpowered and noisy at higher speeds.

3) Volkswagen Fox

The Fox isn’t known for its looks. It’s not bad to look at, but both the interior and exterior are very bland - and don’t expect any luxury features inside the car, either.

But it’s a decent car to drive, and actually performs quite well on the motorway.

Best of all, a used Fox from 2011 will only set you back around £1,195.

But that’s if you can actually find one for sale. They were only in production for a few years, so there aren’t many on the market.

A cheaper car means more money for road trips!/>

<figcaption align = A cheaper car means more money for road trips!

2) Nissan Pixo

The Nissan Pixo offers great value for money. You can pick up a 2011 model for around £1,175 - and most models are in low insurance groups.

Like most cars in the lowest insurance groups, a Pixo will serve you well in the city, but isn’t the best choice for motorway driving.

Taller passengers may struggle for legroom - even compared to other small cars, the Pixo doesn’t have much space.

And it’s a bit plain, too. So if you’re a new driver looking to turn heads on the road, you might want to consider something else.

1) Fiat Panda

In terms of price, the Fiat Panda is the clear winner here. New models come in at around £13,000. But if you don’t mind buying second-hand, you can get hold of a 2011 Panda for just over £1,000.

It’s the most practical car on this list too, with loads of space for passengers and luggage. And it’s fun to drive too - both in town, and on the open road.

But the Panda isn’t as popular as some of its smaller, more expensive rivals. That’s probably because of its boxy exterior, which some have compared to Postman Pat’s van - not the most eye-catching!

But if you value savings over style, the Panda is our top pick.

(All prices as of August 2021.)

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Check before you buy

If you’re looking to keep your insurance costs down, there’s a few important things to know before you buy your first car.

Different versions of the same car can be in different insurance groups: a vehicle’s make and model aren’t the only things that determine its insurance group. It also depends on the style, trim, equipment level, engine size, and the amount of doors.

So there may be some versions of the cars on our list that aren’t in insurance group 1 or 2. But no worries - you can use our free insurance group checker to check the insurance group of any UK registered car.

Check for modifications: if you’re buying a used car, make sure that you ask if it has any modifications. Modified vehicles usually cost more to insure. And some insurers won’t cover modified vehicles at all. (Cuvva does insure cars with some modifications, including any that help with accesssibility - here's the full list).

Optional extras can add up: when you see an advert for a new car, the price shown is usually for the most basic model. But there are lots of extra features that you can add on for an extra cost.

On some cars, quite basic features (like electric windows) aren’t included as standard. You might even find that you have to pay extra to get your car in the colour that you want!

Excess 📖
Compulsory excess is decided by your insurer. All those things that can affect your insurance price can affect your excess, too.

How we made our list

We combed through Google data to find the UK's 19 most-searched 'for sale' cars in insurance groups 1 and 2.

We then consulted our in-house insurance experts to put together a final top-10 ranking, which considered affordability, comfort and overall driving ability.

Here's a breakdown of the UK search data:

Vauxhall Corsa 105,300
Ford Ka 85,800
Toyota Aygo 70,200
Toyota Yaris 70,200
Citreon C1 57,200
Peugeot 107 31,200
Fiat Panda 29,200
Skoda Fabia 24,700
Peugeot Partner 15,400
Smart ForTwo Pure 8,970
Citreon C4 8,710
Fiat Qubo 6,790
Peugeot Bipper 6,430
Volkswagen Fox 4,160
Peugeot 1007 3,680
Fiat Seicento 3,330
Chevrolet Spark 3,230
Nissan Pixo 2,880
Fiat Fiorino 1,910

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Updated on 30th October 2023