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Which driver are you?
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To celebrate the new GRAN TURISMO: BASED ON A TRUE STORY movie (and Cuvva’s exciting Dubai experience competition, where every short-term car insurance policy you buy from 3 July to 30 September gets you an entry into the mega draw), we’ve put together something a little different.

We’ve had a bit of fun and made a quiz so you can find out which racing driver you’re most similar to! So strap in and have a go - and don’t forget to check out GRAN TURISMO (only in cinemas from August 9) for even more adrenaline-fuelled racing action 🏎

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The quiz

Here’s how it works. Read the questions below carefully and pick one of three answers. Every time you choose answer A, add 5 points to your score. For B, add 3. And for C, add 1. Then at the end of the quiz, total up your score and see which famous driver you’re most like.

Check out our quiz below
Check out our quiz below

How would you describe your approach to taking risks?

A) I love taking risks and seeking new adventures!

B) I'm open to calculated risks when the potential rewards are worth it.

C) I prefer to play it safe and avoid unnecessary risks.

How do you handle unexpected challenges?

A) I adapt quickly. Adversity is my middle name!

B) I can handle changes, especially when I have time to think things through.

C) I slow things down, take my time, and find a safe and sensible solution.

When faced with a difficult problem, how do you approach finding a solution?

A) I'm proactive, creative, and take bold steps to tackle the problem head-on.

B) I analyse the situation and make thoughtful decisions.

C) I tend to seek help and collaborate.

How do you handle high-pressure situations like deadlines or important decisions?

A) I thrive under pressure and perform my best when the stakes are high.

B) I try to plan in advance so that I’m ready for these situations.

C) I approach the situation calmly. Rushing into something is never a good idea.

How important is teamwork and collaboration to you in your daily life?

A) I prefer to do things alone. I trust myself to get the job done.

B) I value teamwork but can also work independently when necessary.

C) We’re all in this together!

Imagine it’s the first lap of a big race. What do you do?

A) Pedal to the metal! Aim for an early lead and never look back.

B) Make some quick, sensible overtakes and then adopt your plan for the rest of the race.

C) Easy does it, there’s no point crashing out early on. You’ve got a longer game plan.

So, count up your scores and check out who you’re most like below!

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The results

Add up your scores: 5 points for every time you answered A, 3 points for every B, and 1 point for every C.

25 to 30 points Max Verstappen. Max Verstappen is known for his fearless and aggressive racing style. He is not afraid to take risks and push the limits on the track. Max is a skilled overtaker and often makes daring moves to gain positions. He possesses excellent adaptability and can perform well in various racing conditions. He has a competitive mindset and thrives under pressure, showcasing his ability to deliver exceptional performances when it matters most.

20 to 25 points Jann Mardenborough. GRAN TURISMO tells the almost unbelievable true story of Jann Mardenborough, a gamer-turned-racer who won a series of challenges to turn his gaming skills into a real racing career (check out the trailer below!). He is a talented driver who has shown great adaptability throughout his career. He possesses a strong work ethic and is dedicated to continuous improvement. Jann is known for his aggressive racing style, often pushing hard and taking calculated risks on the track. He values physical fitness and training, understanding the importance of maintaining a strong physical condition for optimal performance.

15 to 20 points Lewis Hamilton. British racing legend Lewis Hamilton is a well-rounded and versatile driver. He combines a strategic approach with exceptional driving skills. Hamilton is known for his consistency and ability to deliver top performances consistently. He is a calculated overtaker, choosing the right moments to make his moves. Lewis is also a strong advocate for teamwork and collaboration, understanding the importance of a cohesive team for success. He is resilient and can bounce back from setbacks, maintaining composure under pressure.

0 to 15 points Bernd Mayländer. Bernd Mayländer is the unsung hero of Formula 1 as the safety car driver! While his racing style may not be as dynamic as the other drivers, he plays a critical role in maintaining safety during races, being deployed to establish a safe pace after an incident or during bad weather. Bernd's approach involves closely monitoring race situations and being ready to intervene whenever necessary. His driving focuses on maintaining a controlled pace to ensure the safety of all drivers and allowing the race to resume smoothly. Bernd is known for his precision and ability to lead the pack without taking unnecessary risks.

So there you have it! Don’t forget, you can earn an entry into our Dubai competition by buying a policy, referring a friend, or sharing our competition posts on Instagram or Tiktok - just remember to tag Cuvva! Terms and conditions apply.

Updated on 5th July 2023