Driving updates and new rules: May 2023 round-up

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New council fines
Fuel tankers

Things rarely stand still in the world of motoring, with new rules introduced regularly. May is no different, so we’ve rounded up some of the biggest stories so you can stay on top of things 👇

New council fines

Councils could be given new powers to fine motorists for stopping in yellow boxes by junctions - something that, in England outside of London, previously only police could do.

New research shows that 27 councils have requested permission to fine drivers who stop in 111 yellow boxes across the country.

Currently, drivers can be fined up to £160 for the offence in London - with other councils outside the city hoping to follow suit.

The councils are Bath and North East Somerset Council, Bradford City Council, Buckinghamshire Council, Central Bedfordshire Council, Devon County Council, Gloucestershire County Council, Hampshire County Council, Herefordshire Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Kent County Council, Leeds City Council, Leicester City Council, Liverpool City Council, Manchester City Council, Medway Council, Newcastle City Council, North Northamptonshire Council, Oldham Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Reading Borough Council, Salford City Council, Sheffield City Council, South Gloucestershire Council, Surrey County Council, Trafford Council, Walsall Council, and Wokingham Borough Council.

However, the research by the RAC shows that 90% of these 111 yellow boxes are “problematic”, with issues such as visibility and size meaning it could be unfair to expect drivers to refrain from stopping in them.

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ZEV consultation

A consultation on the UK’s Zero Emission Vehicle mandate is underway.

The mandate hopes to increase the number of electric vehicles on Britain’s roads ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol or diesel cars.

The UK Government website has more on the consultation.

Electric cars could be the future with a ban on new petrol and diesel cars looming
Electric cars could be the future with a ban on new petrol and diesel cars looming
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Fuel tanker consultation

Another consultation has just come to an end, with the Government looking into allowing fuel tankers to carry more fuel.

A maximum weight limit of 44-tonnes is currently in place.

However, after last year’s fuel shortage, calls for an increased limit have been made.

Young driver passengers

And something for you younger drivers to be aware of: new drivers under the age of 25 could face restrictions on taking passengers.

Transport minister Richard Holden said he would consider the proposal, made by the group Support for Victims of Road Crashes, in May.

New drivers would need to wait six months after passing their test before taking passengers in their car.

Updated on 15th May 2023