New driving rules - April 2023 changes for UK drivers

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Car tax
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British drivers are facing a raft of new rules this spring. Here’s everything you need to know 👇

Car tax

New car tax charges have been introduced - and it’s not good news for most drivers.

Other than for electric vehicles, who are exempt until 2025, car tax charges increased for almost all car types on April 1.

Cars that are most-polluting will pay most.

You can check your car tax using our free car tax checker.

Council powers

This one’s just for drivers in Reading and Hampshire, but it could be a sign of things to come across other parts of the country.

Local councils here are being given more powers when it comes to issuing fines for rule-breaking on the road.

For “moving traffic offences” like illegal U-turns or driving in a bus lane, drivers could now be slapped with a maximum fine of £105 for the late payment of usual penalties.

Councils are getting increased powers for issuing fines
Councils are getting increased powers for issuing fines
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Electric vehicle charging point fines

Now one for you Sheffield drivers.

Leaving an electric vehicle for too long at a charging point could now result in a fine of up to £20.

This is to make sure drivers don’t hog EV charging points, which can be a pain if you live in an area not served by many.

EV drivers could be fined for hogging charging points
EV drivers could be fined for hogging charging points

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Updated on 11th April 2023