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Borrowing a car on a budget

If you’re looking to get behind the wheel on a budget, we’ve uncovered the top 10 cheapest cars to insure with Cuvva’s temporary car insurance. All of the cars in our top 10 come in at less than £13 for an average hour-long policy - check out the full list later in this article.

You can borrow any car quickly and simply with temporary car insurance - and it's fully comprehensive too. It means the car owner's policy and NCB won't be impacted if something happens.

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Borrowing a car when you need one with temporary car insurance could be a cheaper alternative to owning a car and insuring it annually
Borrowing a car when you need one with temporary car insurance could be a cheaper alternative to owning a car and insuring it annually

Some cars are cheaper to insure

First, some background info. There are lots of factors that influence your car insurance premium, like your age, driving history, and where you live.

The type of car you drive can also make a big difference to your quote. The value, age, and insurance group of the car will all affect how much you pay.

We know loads of people are looking to save money on car insurance right now. So we’ve crunched the numbers, analysing 600,000+ of the total Cuvva policies sold in the past year (with some exclusions and requirements, to provide a fair representative list) to reveal the 10 cheapest cars to insure for an hour with temporary car insurance.

Some of them might surprise you. It’s not all small cars and low-spec models - many can fit the whole family, and others have a truly premium feel.

Good news, too: lots of the cars on this list are also really popular - which means you should know someone willing to lend you one if you take out temporary car insurance.

The top 10 cheapest cars to insure with Cuvva

Want to get on the road for less? Find someone willing to lend you their…

Car Type Hourly Policy Description
Ford Ka £12.05 The Ford Ka was discontinued in 2016, but you’ll still see plenty on the roads. There are so many different versions of this popular city car - from the SportKa to the convertible - there’s one for everyone. Just bear in mind any Ka you drive today will be at least 7 years old, so don’t expect to find sat nav or Apple CarPlay inside. But if you just want to get from A to B, you could do much worse than the Ka. For an hour’s cover, you’ll pay an average of £12.05 with Cuvva.
Fiat 500 £12.15 Like Marmite, you’ll either love the Fiat 500 or hate it. You’ll have to drive one to find out which side you’re on! If you’re over 6ft, you might not love how small it is. But if you’re usually driving in a city and you don’t want to spend loads on petrol, you’ll appreciate the Fiat 500’s compact size and fuel efficiency. You won’t have to spend much to borrow one, either - the average price to insure a Fiat 500 is just £12.15 for an hour with Cuvva.
Mini One £12.16 The Mini One is a (slightly) more budget-friendly version of the Mini Cooper. But it still feels pretty premium, thanks to its retro styling and comfortable interior. And it might have a slightly smaller engine, but it’s just as fun to drive, whether you’re cruising down winding country roads or nipping round town. The smaller engine also makes it cheaper to insure, with an average price of £12.16 for an hour’s insurance with Cuvva.
Citroen Berlingo £12.30 With a distinctive design that can only be described as ‘boxy’, the Citroen Berlingo isn’t a car for the style-conscious. But the upside of this car’s unique shape is that it has tonnes of room inside. Three adults can sit comfortably in the back seats, and the 775-litre boot should be able to cope with your most extravagant shopping spree. So if you’re happy to put comfort over style, you can take a Berlingo for a spin for an hour with Cuvva for around £12.30.
Citroen C1 £12.31 If you’d describe your ideal car as ‘cheap and cheerful’, you’ll love the Citroen C1. Its 1.0-litre engine achieves around 68.9mpg, so you can keep your petrol costs down. And with an hour’s cover costing just £12.31 on average, insuring the C1 is also really affordable. Sure, it might not be your first choice for a long drive on the motorway. But if you’re just going to get the big shop or visit your nan, a Citroen C1 will do the job nicely.
Vauxhall Meriva £12.36 Want to feel like James Bond on a budget? The Vauxhall Meriva’s Flex Doors open to the rear, a cool feature on an otherwise standard people carrier. As well as looking swish, the rearward-opening doors will give you more room to manoeuvre if you’re picking up flatpack furniture or strapping kids into child seats. There’s also loads of room inside, despite it being a pretty compact car. And as the average price of an hour’s policy with Cuvva is just £12.36, it’s really cheap to insure when you use short-term cover.
Kia Sportage £12.48 Sporty by name but not really by nature, the Kia Sportage is a practical, compact SUV - and there’s nothing wrong with that! With a rear-view camera plus front and back sensors, you’ll have no problem parking this car in even the smallest spaces. And it’s got a 5-star safety rating, giving you peace of mind while you’re on the road. If you fancy driving a Sportage for an hour with Cuvva, a policy will cost you around £12.48 on average.
Volkswagen Touran £12.50 Need a bit more room in your ride? Bigger cars don’t always equal higher insurance costs. A Volkswagen Touran is one of the cheapest cars to insure with Cuvva, with the average price for an hour’s cover costing just £12.50. As a 7-seater, it’s perfect for sharing the drive on a road trip with family or friends (or just a quick trip to the tip). If you’re not used to driving larger cars, you can also rest assured that despite the Touran’s size, it’s really easy to drive.
Peugeot 107 £12.53 The Peugeot 107 might not be quite as chic as a Mini, but it’s just as nippy, which makes it really handy if you’re driving in the city. Sure, you won’t get much in the boot - it’s pretty snug inside. You’ll get plenty of bang for your buck at the petrol station though, as it does around 65.6 miles per gallon (mpg). And its 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine is small, but it’s also cheap to insure. An hour-long Cuvva policy on a Peugeot 107 will set you back just £12.53 on average.
Mini Cooper £12.56 A true British icon, the Mini Cooper’s sixties style isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon. Around 30,000 new Minis were registered in the UK in 2023, and it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular. Its small size and agility are great for city driving (especially for those of us who struggle with parking). And its retro interior is cool and comfortable. They’re also pretty cheap to insure temporarily. On average, it costs just £12.56 to insure a Mini Cooper for an hour with Cuvva.
You can use temporary car insurance to split a long drive with a friend
You can use temporary car insurance to split a long drive with a friend
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Now you know which cars are cheapest to insure, use this info to choose which car you borrow next. Your mum’s Mini probably looks pretty sweet now, right?

And with Cuvva’s flexible temporary insurance, you only pay for the time you need, from 1 hour to 28 days.

It’s perfect for borrowing or lending - and for experienced or learner drivers alike.

So once you know which car you want to drive, get a quote to drive away in minutes.

Cuvva analysed 609,245 policies sold during 2023, filtering out less common models with fewer than 500 hourly policies to create their top-10 list.

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Updated on 3rd January 2024