Why did we remove Facebook Login?

We want to keep your Cuvva account secure and decided to remove Facebook Login. Find out more in this blog post.
By Team member, 13/01/2020
1 minute read

The short answer is that we reviewed the feature (as we do fairly regularly for much of the app) and we felt it was no longer appropriate for a social network (Facebook) to grant access to a reasonably sensitive account of a financial institution (Cuvva).

While Facebook in particular has been accused of rather carelessly distributing user data, we feel that no social network should have control over your Cuvva account.

I'd like to stress that this decision was not made lightly. We looked at:

  • The benefit it provides: it doesn't actually speed things up much at all, particularly as we still have to verify any information prefilled from Facebook
  • The number of people using it: approx 5%, declining over time
  • How to ensure we wouldn't cause problems for those people: existing sessions stay signed in, our magic links are quick and simple to use - and worst-case, our COps team is always available to help

I use Facebook Login! What should I do now?

If you're already signed in via Facebook and haven't signed out, you'll remain signed in and can keep using the app - no problem. 👍

If you previously used Facebook Login but aren't currently signed in (e.g. you signed out/reinstalled/changed phone), you can enter your email address into the "Sign in" page and we will send you a magic link to securely sign you into the app.

And as always there is the "Chat" option on every screen that connects you to our super helpful customer support team (~2 minute response, 9am to 9pm!) If you're having trouble or aren't sure what email address is on your account, just drop us a message. 🙂

If you have feedback or questions…

We'd love to hear any feedback you may have on this decision, and of course help you out if you have any questions. Please get in touch with us by emailing support@cuvva.com or through the app!

Team member