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Where the magic happens: join us on a tour of Cuvva HQ.
By Team member, 15/02/2019
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We loved our old HQ (the treehouse has been sorely missed), but Cuvva has since moved. Watch this space for a proper update.

We are super proud of our HQ. After leaving our last office mid-way through 2018 because we'd outgrown our modest 15 person space, we needed to find an office that not only reflected who we are as a company, but could keep up with the Cuvva lifestyle too.

You see, a lot happens at Cuvva HQ. On any given day, we have the team, various visitors and our office dogs buzzing around in the same space. 🐶And with both social and work events happening here, the office needs to be super versatile.


First and foremost is the hard work we put into creating insurance the way it should be. It's no small task, and as a tech-first, forward-thinking company, it's crucial the space not only allows us to work well, but also enhances collaboration.

While there are white boards and wall spaces dotted all around the office, perfect for a team brainstorm or a session with Post-it notes (we love Post-it notes), one of the best areas for this is the sofa.

This is one of the most used areas of the office, ideal for working somewhere more comfy, eating lunch with your pals, and post-work socialising. But we also use it for large group meetings.

We do everything from compliance updates to app testing breakfasts around the sofas. 🍳 Holding meetings on the sofa is a great way not only to accommodate more people at the meetings, but to ensure others in the office can keep up with what's going on, and to encourage them to get involved!

The weekly CEO updates and AMAs are also held on the sofas to ensure the whole team can be involved. The whole company get together, share important updates and have the chance to ask the Heads any question they want. 💬

Another way we encourage collaboration is by setting up hot desks. 🔥Everyone has their own seat, but by marking some desks up as free for whoever fancies sitting there, we encourage people to sit with other teams from time-to-time to get an idea of what's happening elsewhere in the company.


Second most important to us, and the thing that underpins our collaborative efforts, is the relationships across the wider team. We invest in this in much the same way we invest in the right workspace to do our jobs well.

As a result, everyone at Cuvva HQ gets along well. Which is crucial when we all need to pull together to get work done. And for the company-wide trip to Budapest we have planned in March. ✈️

We have weekly team drinks every Thursday in the office. We have a fully stocked drinks fridge with everything from Fruit Shoot through to beer and cider. Sharing a drink with the team on a Thursday evening has become something of a Cuvva tradition. 🍺

We have plenty of games and entertainment within the office, including a giant connect 4 game and an Xbox. But the team favourite has to be table tennis. 🏓It was such a big hit in our last communal workspace that we decided to buy our own table when we moved into our own offices. You'll often find Ryan from data battling it out with Anna or Blake from design on an evening.

We also have a projector in the office which works great not only for app demos and presentations, but also for entertaining. From time-to-time we get some popcorn in and put a film up on the big screen. So far we have had Charlies Angels and Mean Girls (both classics, obviously). As Cuvva HQ has quite a few Apple fans, we also watched the Apple new product reveal on it back in September. 📱

Everything in between

The best part of our current office is probably the treehouse. It's two storey and like the rest of our office, it can be used for just about anything. It has seen everything from customer feedback sessions, to performance reviews, to a meditation session when one of the team built a focus app.

The bottom floor is set up like a front room, with armchairs and a bookshelf, great for smaller meetings. Upstairs has a collection of quirky vintage carpets and bean bags, perfect for post-work hangouts or escaping to somewhere quiet to get work done.

Our HQ has served us well for the past 8 months, but we've grown into it quickly. Soon we'll have to move on to a bigger space. We aren't sure where yet, but one thing we are sure of it is that it will suit our culture just as well as the current office has.

And of course, if you're looking to join our wonderful team, take a look at our latest job openings.

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