Introducing radically better insurance

Welcome to the future of car insurance - and our new look
By Team member, 18/12/2020
2 minutes read

It's no secret insurance is broken. The jargon, paperwork, unfair policies and middlemen are still kicking around. Insurers continue to ignore customers' real needs. People want lasting change in an outdated and immobile industry.

But if insurers keep doing things the way they've always been done, the outcome will always be the same. Unfairness and inflexibility run through the whole system and we decided to do something about it.

We've been doing our thing at Cuvva for a few years now. Building an incredible team, developing our lightning-fast app and improving the way insurance is bought and sold. We speak to people about the problems they face within the industry every day.

It's not enough to just find one solution to one big problem. We made it our mission to realise and create a whole new insurance customer contract: radically better insurance. And if we're going to deliver radically better insurance, we need a bold new look and feel. So here it is. And here we are.

Welcome to the future of insurance

Even though we know our work makes insurance better for our customers, our old look didn't quite capture what we're building.

We also wanted to reflect our customers more in our design. Our design should resonate with the younger drivers who are underserved in the industry. Cuvva is making insurance fairer for people - our focus is always on the future, in our look and the way we do our jobs.

Radically better means insurance that's fair, flexible and fit for the future, and built with our customers front and centre. We wanted those values to come through in every part of the journey, from the buttons you press in our app to the way we write.

An image of the home screen of our new, rebranded app

Fit for the future

It didn't happen overnight. After months of planning, drafting, mind-mapping and designing, we found a design and feel that just felt right. Future-looking, bold and distinctive: something our community could look at and feel proud to be part of.

Our focus is on flexible and fair insurance, enabled using technology to solve daily problems. We want to unlock better experiences for people, to better match their lifestyles. Whether you're using Cuvva to pop out for some milk, or heading off on an adventure, we wanted to reflect that technology-led approach in our style.

Even though we're tech-led, we'll always maintain our personality too. We'll always speak like real people. We know it's frustrating to try and decipher a load of jargon - which is why we're committed to making our words inclusive and accessible for everyone.

We hope you like our new look as much as we've enjoyed creating it. We're so proud to show it to you.

And thanks for being here to see it happen - Cuvva wouldn't be here without the support of our customers. You're really helping to make insurance radically better for everyone.

Team member