Lend your car

Share your wheels with your loved ones through the Cuvva app - and your no claims bonus is totally protected. No worries!

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How to lend your car

Open the app and tap 'Lend your car'
It's in the 'Car sharing' section
Share your unique link
With anyone who may want to borrow the car
They download the app
It only takes a few minutes
They'll get their own policy
They can buy new cover whenever they borrow

Lend your car

Got multiple cars? Maximise space and save on household costs. Share the family car with temporary car insurance and sell the others! Or help out a friend and the planet - lend them your car. Your policy is completely protected because your mate gets a separate comprehensive policy of their own.

Save costs with friends and family
Save costs with friends and family
Don't clog the drive with unnecessary cars! Share one with your family and split the running costs. Or wave goodbye to taxis and lend a car to your friends
Worry free car lending
Worry free car lending
Rest assured, your own policy and no claims bonus are protected as the borrower will be fully covered by their own comprehensive policy during the rental period
Protect the planet
Protect the planet
Reduce your carbon footprint and help ease traffic congestion on our roads. Help drive a cleaner planet

Want to borrow someone else’s car?

• Borrow someone’s car from as little as 1 hour

• You’ll get an insurance policy of your own, so their policy won’t be impacted if you have to claim

• Click 'Borrow a car' in the app, send them the link and they'll approve you to take out a policy on their car - simple!

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Can I charge someone to rent my car out in the app?
Yes, you can! You can charge a fee, or keep it free.
We recommend somewhere between £2 and £5 per hour.