Cuvva Insiders: why we created a community for our customers

Our community manager Theresa talks us through our Insiders group - where our customers tell us exactly what they think.
By Team member, 01/02/2022
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Insurance is broken. And we are here to fix it. But doing that is only possible through fundamentally changing the outdated and impersonal processes of the insurance industry. And that’s where our customers come in.

With a customer-first approach at the heart of everything we do, we are constantly looking to improve our products and services along with what our customers really need. This starts with a customer service that is available 9am to 9pm, so you can chat to us any time of any day.

But we don’t stop there. In order to go above and beyond and really put our customers at the centre of everything we do, we created the Cuvva Insiders Community.

What is the Cuvva Insiders Community?

The Cuvva Insiders Community is a safe digital space for our customers to come together and exchange thoughts, leave feedback and share ideas. Unlike our dedicated customer service team that is available around the clock, our Insiders community gives Cuvva users a separate outlet in which they can connect with us in a much more personal way.

And we encourage our users to be honest, because only their honest opinion can help us understand why and how they use Cuvva and what we at Cuvva can do to make their life easier.

After all, insurance should be about protecting people, not premiums and percentages. Here at Cuvva we are trying to build a better kind of insurance, which means that understanding our customers and their needs is fundamental for making products that change the future of insurance.

Why did we create the Cuvva Insiders Community?

As a customer-focused brand, we found that in order to really understand our customers, we need to get a lot closer to them. Our customer service team was doing an amazing job in helping customers but we wanted to go deeper. We wanted to create a collaborative relationship with customers and build a community of users that are integrated in the core of all of our business activities.

Our community is for Cuvva customers so that we can build the future of insurance together. They are the first to know what we are working on, if their ideas are implemented and how we see our future.

In the Insiders Community, our customers are able to tell us exactly what they want from their car insurance. This will help us address the problem and create a solution for it. A community such as the Cuvva Insiders helps us being a forward thinking, customer-led company that is in constant communication with our users.

What can I expect when joining the Cuvva Insiders?

Don’t worry, we know that insurance isn’t the most fascinating topic out there. But we are really trying to do something here and for that we need your help. If you use Cuvva or are planning to in future, and have an idea on what to improve or - even better - just tell us your problem, so that we can work on finding the right solution together, then the Cuvva Insiders Community is the right place for you.

And we don’t only talk about insurance either. We encourage our members to use the community as their own, even though we are always around to listen and help where needed.

Who knows, maybe you will find some like-minded Cuvva users that love a drive as much as you do?

How can I join the Cuvva Insiders Community?

The Cuvva Insiders Community on Facebook is open to all Cuvva customers who want to help us make the world of insurance a better place.

Do you want to be part of the revolution? Then join us now!

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