Life on Cuvva’s customer support team (where we don’t stop over Christmas!)

Cuvva’s tireless customer support team keep going even over Christmas! Our veteran COp Jess talks us through how things work.
By Team member, 22/12/2021
2 minutes read

Life as a COp

I started out in customer services at 15. Before I joined Cuvva in 2020 I definitely assumed I had customer service down pat years ago. However, as with everything here, Cuvva changed that entire perspective right away!

A flexible customer support team (we work 9am to 9pm!) is rare, so when I was looking for a job away from face-to-face service that was flexible around my studies, applying for Cuvva was a no-brainer.

I kind of thought it might be like my last job, where a list of shifts were posted into a WhatsApp group for the lucky few that could be on their phone, but with Cuvva you’re on a team and those team members become your ride-or-die along the way!

Christmas at Cuvva

Christmas at Cuvva is still something that surprises me. Working as a COp (which is short for customer operations) means I get to both work from home and also help some of our 1 million+ customers every time I log on (I forget that number every now and then and it still shocks me that it's growing so rapidly!).

I didn’t mind the idea of working Christmas Day because I often took the overtime at my last job, and being a remote team meant that I could still be around my loved ones, just typing away on my laptop!

Cuvva’s customer support system also helps massively. I’ve said it before and I will say it again over and over: Cuvva goes above and beyond for its customers and its staff. Us COps know how lucky we are that every single person in the company (even our CEO Freddy!) gets trained on customer support and helps out on a monthly basis. This means us COps know we’ll always have cover if we need to have team meetings or take extra training to provide the best support we can.

But it gets better as it also applies to national holidays, when the rest of the company can sign up to COps Club. This is when anyone from content creators, engineers, marketing geniuses, senior leadership and more can sign up to volunteer time on customer support. In fact, it’s especially encouraged at Christmas so that some of the usual COps team can choose to book some time off for a well-deserved break - but this is only possible if others chip in.

Always ready to help

Don’t worry, though! We always have senior COps online ready to help with bigger issues that may require some extra experience, even at Christmas. And due to Cuvva’s focus on transparency and openness, we have company-wide channels for any tricky questions (as well as an SOS system if someone is having trouble and needs extra help helping a customer).

There will always be some of the usual team working over Christmas and New Year so we can jump in if needed and support the staff coming on to support us. It’s always been about teamwork - we really do help each other all year round!

Joining Cuvva was the best thing I did in 2020 and on the approach of working my second Christmas period on the COps team I know that I am both supported and ready to support our amazing team who allow us to celebrate with loved ones if we need it!

With a mixture of On Calls and shorter shifts (5 hours instead of 8.5!), the Cuvva team are ready to help with any questions or problems that make sure you get the best experience with Cuvva and can get on the road as quickly as possible 🙌

Team member