How I used Cuvva to get around as a key worker during Covid

Valued Cuvva user Nicola shares how she used our rolling monthly cover to help her get around as a key worker during Covid.
By Team member, 07/03/2023
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Nicola Bafana was one of the many heroic key workers who kept Britain going during the Covid lockdowns. She’s shared how she used Cuvva to get around during a busy and stressful time.

My name is Nicola and I’m a biomedical scientist.

My journey within the health sector has been one of much variation in terms of my location. My first two years working in NHS labs were in London. I temporarily moved to Southampton during Covid to help out at a pop-up lab, built solely to test for the virus. As time progressed and we learned more about Covid - how to detect it, track it, and tackle it - I found myself back in London for four months, and then up north in Lancashire and Cumbria.

Being so far from home and quite a distance from work, I found myself in need of a car and automatically in need of reliable car insurance. I began looking into multiple car insurance companies and comparing them to find the best possible plan for me.

This is when I was thankfully introduced to Cuvva by a good friend. I was instantly intrigued because this was a company offering app-based services. As I learned more about Cuvva and began exploring the app, I was sold with each new feature I discovered.

Nicola used Cuvva to help her get around during Covid

Flexibility, and ease in procuring and amending my plan, was important to me - and that’s exactly what Cuvva offered. The app served as a soft cushion considering all I was experiencing throughout the pandemic.

I got the rolling monthly subscription, which I intended to keep for a minimum of 12 months, but was pleased to know I also had the ease of making changes at any time. I could also speak to the very kind and attentive customer services team via the app.

Beyond driving for work or to visit my London home, I love to go for relaxing drives. One amazing feature I utilised was Smart Pricing, which provided the chance for my monthly price to be cheaper based on my driving. The more I drove, the more the app learned about how I drove - and it could then determine if I could pay less. I already had a great deal with my Cuvva insurance, so to also have this feature help me pay even less was incredible. I was paying around £40 less than I did with some other insurance companies.

With all of that being said, I highly recommend Cuvva for anyone looking for flexibility, reliability, and better car insurance costs - particularly if you love having everything you need in an app.

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