Car insurance is stuck in the past

Let’s be honest: the car insurance industry wasn’t built for how people live today. That’s why in 2016, Cuvva set out to give everyone affordable access to a car anytime, anywhere.
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Flexible and fair car insurance

Cuvva is changing the way people get around. We’ve made it just as easy to get insured on someone else’s car as it is your own - with policies from one hour to a super-flexible, monthly subscription that needs no ongoing commitment. We believe sharing your car or borrowing a mate’s car is the future - it’s cheaper and greener. We’re making cars multiplayer, and we’re using insurance to do it.
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Our story so far

We’ve made car insurance way better, and we’re just getting started!
Here’s what we’ve been up to:
Almost 5 million policies sold
That’s a lot of insurance
1+ million cars insured
Fun fact: our most popular car for one hour insurance is the VW Golf
One-in-five 21-year-olds have downloaded the app
Happy driving!

Join 650,000+ customers

You are at the heart of every decision we make. It’s why we’ve made car sharing effortless with cover from just one hour. It’s why we offer easy always-on monthly policies, a much needed annual alternative with no APRs. Or why we have no sneaky hidden fees or nasty tie-ins. Whenever you need to get behind the wheel - we’ve got you covered.
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Changing the game

We love being different. We were Britain’s first car insurance company to offer cover via an app, and the first to offer hourly cover via an app, too. We scrapped clunky and expensive black boxes for our Smart Pricing service, which uses only your phone to give discounts to good drivers. And our Cuvva Insiders community gives our supporters a direct line to share their ideas or concerns (as well as a sneaky heads-up on exciting new plans 😍). We’re over-turning the outdated insurance industry and having a lot of fun along the way.
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We’re only a moment away

Forget automated replies and chatbots! Our tireless customer support team is made up of real people - with an average one minute response time. We’re on hand between 6am and 1am every single day. Let’s have a chat.
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Meet the team
We're a team of dreamers, designers and customer champions turning the way the industry is run upside down.
All teams
Loves zoomies and stealing your lunch.
🐕 Opus
Chief long boi
🍬 Nikita Ossei
Business Intelligence Analyst
😬 Gianna E
Squad Captain
🏌️‍♂️ Matthew Robinson
Head of Operations
Has an endless wardrobe of band shirts. Not bad with a guitar.
🪐 Haydn Rivers
Tech Ops Support
Makes sure that everyone is working towards the same goal. Pretty into hill walking and trail running too.
🦄 Freddy Macnamara
Founder, CEO
Adversity successfully introduces me to myself...daily
😢 Aleks Tokarczyk
Senior UX Researcher
🤪 Jess Taft
Loves skiing, football and surfing. Wishes he read more. Dislikes olives on pizzas.
👀 Andy Tomlinson
🧀 Peter Karim
Senior Brand & Motion Designer
🙂 Kiren S
Training Specialist
Serial '90s pop lover, LGBTQ+ advocate, and cat dad. 🐈
🤓 Cam Chalmers
Training Specialist
🥾 Suresh Chhabhadia
Engineering Manager
A bit bossy but makes up for it elsewhere.
🐕 Nori
Toy durability analyst
Athletic, scared and handsome.
Bark prevention officer
Strong aversion toward closed doors.
🐕 Danby
Senior Barkend Engineer
Beckey Makai
📚 Rashawn Grant
Squad Captain
A lover of treats and belly rubs
🐕 Torryn
Senior Fetch Manager
☠️ Kioba Somodi
Android Engineer
🦭 Phoebe Marsden
🪴 Warren Carver
Senior People Partner
Give me software architecture challenges, adventure sports, craft beer... and a boat ⛵️
🧐 Jules Craske
Backend Engineer
Physically in London, mentally back in Hawaii driving a convertible Mustang and swimming with turtles
🌋 Dan Holmes
Pricing Data Scientist
🐡 Theresa Vitinius
Community Manager
😍 Komal Kapila
Data Engineering Manager
🏍 Joey Butler
SEO Lead
🌅 Ana B
Figma in the streets, GitHub in the sheets.
🛠️ Aaron Butler
Product Designer
Part-Time Student, Full-Time Sports and Travel enthusiast.
🍻 Dom H
Ops Analyst
🌸 Sam S-N
Compliance Officer
🦦 Dan Whitehead
Head of Performance Marketing
🌶 Florence Saviano
Communications Executive
Loves insurance
🐅 Svetlana Novikova
Chief Commercial Officer
Saving the planet one second hand shopping trip at a time.
Kim C
Head of Communications
Born in the US, grew up in London. Still speaks in an american accent
🐳 Loren Gould
Marketing Director
🍔 Laila Jaleel
People Operations Partner
Is blindly in love with data.
🚢 Ignotas Skrebe
Data Engineer
😹 Charlotte Parker
Senior COp
OK, I might not quite grasp sarcasm. But at least I can solve a Rubik's Cube in 10 seconds?
♟️ Laurence Livsey
Commercial Manager
I have more hair strands than brain cells
💗 Raisa Ahmed
🤡 Rob Hingley
Spreadsheets > Anything else
🃏 Andre Marcao
Finance Manager
I never once questioned the size of my node_modules folder.
🙊 Salvo Cannamela
Web Engineer
🦅 Mica Santana
🎩 Hais Deakin
iOS Engineer
Serial city-breaker. Two-time book club member.
🦁 Leo Carr
Director of Customer Operations
Loves cars, animals and JSON schemas.
😆 Max Nijhof
Data Engineer
🍕 Phil Brown
Engineering Manager
🧜‍♀️ Mia Covington
Brand Designer
Can make a mean espresso martini if you ask nicely!
👸 Heather M
L&D Partner
🦝 Natasha Vincent
Keeps piling up books and wondering how many lifetimes it takes to read them all
🎾 Lucia Cerchlanova
Head of User Research
⚽️ Rich Clark
Head of Design & Research
Passionate about people, fairness & sweets, will never be seen eating an avocado...
😀 Gemma Boulton
Chief People Officer
🚴‍♂️ Daniel Puleo
Senior Data Scientist
The truth is out there... probably.
🐨 Shubhayu Chakraborty
Android Engineer
👾 Eli Bilyalov
Senior Finance Manager
🪄 Anton Kharchevskyi
iOS Engineer
🦉 Cecil Darko
Senior Marketing Data Analyst
Former restauranteur. David Lynch, Jack Kerouac and live music 👌🏼
🤌🏼 Antonio Esposito Ryan
🦇 Rob Whitaker
iOS Engineer
🆒 Dan Hill
Loves all things people, cooking and travel. Hates bad avocados.
🕵️‍ Christian Collins
Team Manager
🧝‍♀️ May Hernandes
🔬 Ilya Ageev
👸🏽 Temmie Ayodele
Web Engineer
Worked in show business, then worked maturing cheese. Still love movies, especially with cheese.
😏 Riva C-T
Head of People & Culture
🐻 Mak W
Assistant Finance Manager
Typos keep you humble
✏️ Joey Millar
Content Lead
Solving problems one cup of tea at a time
💁‍♀️ Jack Hennighan
Squad Captain
Android Engineer.
🇪🇸 Pablo Costa Tirado
Android Engineer
❄️ Emz Williams
“If there were more food and fewer people, this would be a perfect party.” - Ron Swanson
🐓 Cameron Keen
Senior COp
Ginger. Specky. Hairy. Hungry. A fitting description of Ryan. Also hobbits.
🎃 Ryan Collier
COps Process Specialist
🤌 Richard Picot
Principal Product Designer
Taylor Swift's biggest fan. He put her picture in our internal dashboard.
💃 Alex Forbes-Reed
Lead Web Engineer
Likes to chase flies and snooze.
Chief barketing officer
Googled my symptoms, turns out I just need to go on holiday
🌍 Poppy Ellin
Workplace Experience Partner
🦜 Artem Dorosh
Android Engineer
Miss my ginger dog! Excited for the James Webb Space Telescope! Aliens?
🔭 Hien Van Tran
🦥 Kiera Merrifield
💂🏼‍♀️ Hamish Chalmers
Previously worked in daytime TV. Loves tattoos, gigs and red lipstick. Hates watching Arsenal lose.
🔮 Mia F
Couldn't imagine a world without Marmite
😋 Alex Gordon Perkins
Senior People Operations Partner
🖖🏻 Lawrence Dawson
Backend Engineer
Recently back from 6 months travelling around Latin America, learning spanish and drinking coffee
🏖 Charlotte Metcalf
Workplace Experience Manager
Big fan of terrible dad jokes
😝 Neil Dodd
Product Director
Always rock climbing and finance managing
🎸 Joe Flynn
Head of Finance
👨‍⚖️ James Richardson
Head of Legal
Don't tell anyone I said this, but you're my favourite
🤫 Miles Jones
Trying to live a beautiful life
💪🏾 Somto Medua-Ugeh
Web Engineer
I could have got fit But I wasted my lockdown Practising haikus
🌠 Charlie Farmer
Product Manager
I just want people to call me “Sir”, and not follow it with “You’re making a scene”.
🦧 Cameron Percival
I like building businesses.
💪 Darryl Bowman
Chief Marketing Officer
🤘 Agnieszka Kulagowska
Squad Captain
🤦‍♂️ Tom Stowers
Data Engineer
Your customer service geek. Hate insurance, but loves Cuvva.
🦖 Pedro Lopez Lopez
Senior COp
🤷‍♂️ Nicolas Chagrass
Backend Engineer
🤭 Samantha Owen
CRM Lead
Gets excited talking about fairness. Loves pretentious coffee shops.
☄️ Rob Davies
Head of Risk and Compliance
🐾 James Britton
Engineering Manager
🏒 Ben Wilkinson
Senior Product Manager
🕵️‍♂️ Fezaan Tahir
👩‍💻 Rafaela Castro
iOS Engineer
Loves music, books, puzzles and warm destinations.
🍉 Luiza Buck Fernandes
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
🤝 Filipe Mendes
Engineering Manager
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Bethan Stone
Marketing Copywriter
Just thinking about minecraft bees
🦋 Jordyn Percival
🚵 Chris Whitaker
Senior Pricing Data Scientist
💀 Pablo Gonzalez Alonso
Android Engineer
🧠 Marla Collins-Soana
😌 Lucas Fonseca
iOS Engineer
🤴 Chris Gaunt
Chief of Staff
Husband, father, gamer, geek and dog owner.
🐺 Alex Yushchenko
iOS Engineer
Always in between five-a-side games
👣 Mário Pereira
Backend Engineer
Want to work with us?